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Monday, February 1, 2010

Nice to Know

11 days to go

So another mild and wet day today.  We are still in double digits - 10 was the high today.  It is supposed to get a little cooler this week and there is a good chance of snow on the local mountains.

It is nice to know that those of us who may have children who want government jobs but didn't finish high school, I am hear to tell you not to worry.  There is evidence that education is not a factor in the hiring process.

As I waited for my bus home today I had the pleasure of watching some city workers put up a beautiful sign in front of the Art gallery.  It really is very nice and must have cost a very pretty penny.  The sign points the way to Robson square, the law courts and the Art gallery.  However, even though it is placed directly in front of the same Art gallery, it points the wrong way.  In fact, all the locations it touts are in the wrong direction.  If you follow the directions on the sign you better bring your swim suit because you are going to land in Burrard Inlet.  As I watched this sign go up, other people stopped to stare.  One fella asked if we should tell the workers that the sign is wrong.  The general concensus was the passing of a hat for bets on how long it would take them to figure it out.  Cost me $5 but it was worth the laugh.  Finally, one of our group could stand it no longer and approached the team of 5 putting up the sign.  While we couldn't hear the actually conversation there was a lot of pointing and nodding involved.  The fella came back to our group and told us to wait for it.  After one of the workers finished polishing the front of the sign he pulled a piece of green cardboard out of his backpack along with a staple gun.  When he was finished we all stepped back to admire his work.  The green cardboard sign posted a wee correction to two of the locations.  Neither of which was the Art gallery which we were still standing in front of.  Who knew?  Could have saved $50,000 for a fancy sign when all you really need is poster board from the dollar store and a stick.

I was sorry when my bus finally came by.  However, when we stopped at another stop I happened to look out the window and noticed another of these very fancy signs and felt all warm and fuzzy in the knowlede that this sign was also wrong.  The sign is placed at the entrance to Granville Island.  The posted directions to Granville Island will lead the visitor to Vancouver General Hospital.  I guess we have to wait for the green poster board correction.

So, as you can see, anyone with just a minimal education can work for city government - at least as a sign painter.

Today's picture is of the Pan Pacific and the welcome to the world's media.

stay tuned

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