Sunday, February 7, 2010

And the Momentum Grows

5 Days to go

I slipped on my volunteer jacket and headed towards the train to check out a Sunday afternoon in downtown.  The athletes are spilling out on to the street.   The Granville street area is busier than any weekday lunch period. 

As I walked along, I looked up to see the Athletes Village where I was treated to the sight of a number of flags hanging over the balconies of the dorms.  A very large one of a fighting Kangaroo has caught the attention of the IOC.  If seems since it is not the national flag of Australia they want it removed.  I don't understand the issue since it is not advertising a product.  But the IOC gestapo has other ideas.  Let's see who wins.  It is fun to see all the different country flags haning around the village.  There is even one that says "Hi Mom". 

I enjoyed the atmosphere downtown even with a little misting of rain.  I was asked directions by a couple of the Swiss athletes.  They wanted to locate Winners as they were told they could get cheap athletic gear.  We talked for about 10 minutes.  They said they really like Vancouver and Canada.  It is so clean.  They like the warmth as well.  How lucky we are to live in such a wonderful place.  I must admit, I felt a good amount of pride in my country.

A live concert was taking place in Robson Square within the skating rink.  Overheard the zip line is gearing up.  There is music all around.  Buskers are everywhere.  In the train stations, on almost every corner (they should coordinate that one) and spilling out of the bars, pubs and stores all over town.  Everyone seems to be ramping up and enjoying themselves.

On the train ride back a fella sat down next to me and asked where I was volunteering.  I explained I was posted to Whistler and on the Doping Control team.  As I was answering his questions as to what my job would entail, I recieved a tap on my shoulder from behind.  Two young guys were sitting there grinning at me.  They asked "Are you really with doping control?  Can you get us some that you don't need?"
I am guessing they are not a product of a completed public school education.  Thier mothers must be so proud.

Today's picture is of the side of the Royal Bank welcoming the world and showing their support.

Stay tuned

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