Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bells and Whistles

Day 5 of the Olympics and Day 4 of competition

In dowtown Vancouver at noon each day a whistle down at the waterfront is blown to signal the beginning of the lunch hour.  A cannon that sits in Stanley Park is shot off on special occassions.  At about 2:30pm, I was surprised to hear both.  The Whistle blew first and then the cannon followed shortly after.  Within about 20 seconds I could hear the shouts and cheers coming up from the street 29 floors below me.  Someone from the office across the hall ran into our office to shout the news that we had another gold medal.  The winner this time was a young woman right from North Vancouver who won the snow boarding event. 

I wanted to be a part of the excitement on the street so I left my computer, turned off the phone and hit Granville street.  People were shouting, ringing cow bells, waving flags and all wearing happy smiles.  The pride of a country was palpable.  It is certainly nice to see in "no fun city",

I heard today that some London newspaper was making fun of us.  Generally speaking, just being plain mean.  They apparently wrote that our games were a disaster with the rain at Cypress . Yeah, one mountain venue makes it a disaster.  Considering that they are still running events there, I think I have to give some credit to the effort put in despite the rain.  I guess they never learned their manners at their mother's knee - if you can't say anything nice then keep your damn mouth shut.  (My mother never said damn so I am improvising here)  They also made a comment on our "Own the Podium" campaign.  They wrote that it is un-Canadian to be so aggressive.  They say it is impolite and they find it comical as it goes against everything Canadian.  It seems they feel we have stepped out of character and our manners flew out the window.

Ha - spoilsports.  They haven't medalled at all yet.  I mean really, other than fish and chips, what are they doing in the winter games.  I guess they are still upset over the fact we never invited the Queen to the games.  They also seem to know nothing of Karma.  They are hosting the summer games next and it is my guess that more than a few local reporters are kind of pissed off at the articles - so beware - what goes around comes around.

I am going to bed early tonight to get ready for my first full day tomorrow as your local Anti-Doping control chaperone.  I will be at either the cross-country or biatholon venue.  I need to be up and out of the door at 6am.  It is supposed to be sunny and dry on Whistler tomorrow.  I will have my foot taped up like a hockey player as I cannot wear my walking cast.  I am hopefull that with my new boots, the wrapping and the new pain pills, I will be ok.  If nothing else, it will be kind of fun to be the anti-doping operative while dopped up myself.  Could be interesting.

Today's picture is of the kids in front of the electric polar bear display.

Stay tuned - much more tomorrow

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