Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am Gonna Be Famous!

2 Days To Go

Unless of course you look at the picture I have posted today.  This is the time clock in front of the Art Gallery that counts down the days, hours and minutes.  It says we are still 30 days away.

Well, if anyone has access to Swiss television, you may spot me being interviewed.  I was stopped on Georgia street by a Swiss reporter.  She wanted to know what I thought of all the people in the city.  Was I excited for the games and most importantly, was it always like this in February?  Today happened to be a balmy 10 degrees under very sunny skies so I answered the only way possible - yes, of course.

The news teams and camera crews appear to have almost taken over the city.  They are everywhere and in some cases, standing beside one another reporting to their respective countries in front of the same scenes.  Of course, the talk today revolved around the fact that Matt Lauer of the Today show arrived in town.  I happen to think he is a cutie patootie so I know there will be competition for his attention.  I need to plan my stalking carefully.  Thankfully, it has come to my attention that the NBC crew is staying in the hotel right behind where I live.  If I plan this right, I can stake out their news van and possibly get him in the parking lot.

It was also announced today the California Governer Arnold the terminator will be in town tomorrow to run the torch through Stanley Park.  Not sure why he is involved but I think it is because of the never ending love affair that seems to be taking place between him and our Premier. 

Well, tomorrow is my first day on the mountain.  It is sort of the dress rehearsal before the main event.  We will go through the final walk through and make sure everything is in place.  I am looking forward to it and will have a full report upon my return.

Stay tuned

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  1. I wonder what you'll sound like dubbed over in Swiss. I'll stalk You Tube for it. Hope the Governator & Mr. Campbell can refrain from holding hands during the run and ceremony. LOL.