Saturday, February 13, 2010

First full day

Day 2 of the games

What a fabulous day!  I took the train to meet the kids in Coquitlam to bring them down for a little Olympic fun and to spend the weekend.  Boy they were not kidding when they said it would be crowded and that transit would be a bit of a nightmare.  The trains were packed like sardines.  I will have to revise my previous estimate that there wouldn't be as many people as the organizers thought.  However, I still think most were locals - or at least BCers and the press.  Perhaps it was mostly due to it being the first day but I am not holding my breath.

Once down town, even the rain couldn't dampen the spirits.  People were out in droves enjoying the live music, the art work and giant TV screens showing the action.  We stood in the middle of Robson Street and watched the zip liners overhead.  I asked Xavier if he wanted to give it a try.  His reply was that he would but that his Mom wouldn't let him so I guess he couldn't go.  I remember when I used my parents to get out of stuff too.

We stopped in front of a couple of sculpted Polar Bears and I set the oldest kids up for a shot (Lexie was sleeping in the stroller).  I noticed there were other people waiting to take pictures as well.  When I told the kids we had to move, Rae held up her hand and told me to wait - there were lots of other people who wanted to take her picture.  This brought a great laugh from crowd to which she just smiled sweetly and swear to God, bowed before leaving.

I have many trading pins from years on the circut with my daughter Jennifer and I was wearing most of them today in the hopes find the pin trading as I thought the kids would love it.  We couldn't find the location but we are not to be put off.  We each bought pins with which to trade tomorrow when we go in search of the pin trading pavillion.  Xavier is quite excited and wants to trade with me now.  However, since I already bought his pin and the one he wants from me is my volunteer pin, he is outta luck.  Rae just wanted a princess pin.  She settled for one of Quachi. Lex stuck hers in her mouth.

We get a pretty good view of the laser show that takes place every night from Eglish Bay.  the kids put on thier boots and stood on the balcony and watched for a long time.  It is pretty cool.  The nightly celebrations at David Lam park in Yale Town are in full swing tonight.  I can hear them from my living room.  They are about 1 kilometer away, as the crow flies over false creek and the inlet.  They are very loud.  However, the kids are flat on their backs snoring at the noment so it shouldn't bother them at all.

We have another busy day planned for tomorrow - off to check out Granville island and then to find the pin trading.

The picture today is in front of the Art Gallery with all three of the kids - Xavier, Rae and Lexie (featuring her thumb).

Stay tuned

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