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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1st Day on the Mountain

1 1/2 days to go

Wow!  What a day!  Up at 6:30 and off to the train by 7:30 to make it to Lonsdale Quay for the trip to Whistler arriving by noon.  This was my first time at my Venue.  I am posted to the Whistler Olympic Village - home of the Ski Jumping, Biathalon and cross country skiing. 

Our bus driver was from Oklahoma and it was his frist trip up the mountain as well.  People on the bus kept talking to him as he drove.  Mentally, I was telling everyone to shut up as I have a fear of being driven off the side of the mountain and into the ocean where a shark will find that I have enough fat to feed his entire family.  In any event, we made it ok.

After check-in, we were allowed to eat lunch before going to an orientation session.  We were issued cell phones and back-packs.  It seems I have to keep the cell phone with me at all times as I am on call for a few additional days.  We will also need them as we move around in case we lose our athlete or something else fun and exciting happens.

We then toured the three venues we will be working.  We are never allowed to take the athlete we are escorting for doping control out into public areas so we were moving through the mazes at the back.  Quite frankly, I got seriously lost.  I think this is why we need the cell phones.  I am pretty sure at least 2 of us a day will be lost in the back country trying to ward off the bears who should be hibernating but there is so much noise they will want to get up and see what is going on.  I fully expect to hear of at least one blue uniform being found covered in blood.

It was an incredibly long day.  There were many other volunteers also going through their finaly run-throughs.  I met people who came from Nova Scotia to volunteer.  Now that is dedication.  We made it back to the bus for the long trip back to Lonsdale at 5:30.  If you miss that bus, the next one into the city is at 9:30.  I had to really hustle for my bus as if I got stuck up there until 9:30 I might have just sat down and cried.

I hobbled onto the bus and shook off my wet coat and took off my touque to dry and took a look at my foot.  I am kind of worried.  It was so sore and swollen that I am afraid I may not make all my shifts.  I will try purchasing new boots tomorrow that might offer more support.  Maybe that will help.  Oh well, nothing is going to stop me short of amputation.

After making it back downtown via the seabus and the train, I transferred to the bus.  However, I obviously looked tired as I seem to have attracted a whack job who took it upon himself to introduce the fact that he is a homeopath and he could tell by my stance and limp hair (touque remember) that I do not eat enough protien and am looking old around the eyes.  He figured I looked much older than my actual age.  Imagine his surprise when I informed him I was actually 62.  Thank God my bus showed up.

Well, my next full shift isnt until next week but I am on call for this weekend. The picture today shows we are getting some snow on the local mountains.  As of tomight, it has been snowing steadily on Cypress and Whistler.

Stay tuned/

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