Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Little Paranoia

8 Days to go

Well, it hit 13 in the city today.  Wonder if we should start the Spring Olympics. 

So, there is security everywhere.  The police helicopters have been buzzing around our building and over the false creek area for a couple of days now.  It seemed to be a little more today though.  Since I have just enough healthy paranoia, I was able to slip into my Wonder Woman costume and skip out the back door unnoticed.

The radio waves were abuzz with cranky people today.  I have pretty much had enough of all the grumps.  A group of mostly rent-a-thugs have announced that on Friday as the torch makes it way through downtown on its way to the dome for opening ceremonies they are planning a big protest.  They state they want to cause as much disruption as possible to the event.  All in the name of free speech.  What about my freedom to enjoy myself?  It seems these dissolutioned fools are using the argument that if we hadn't spent all this money on the games then suddenly we wouldn't have any poverty or homelessness.  What on earth makes them think that the money spent the Olympics would have been spent other stuff?  I am pretty confident that would not have been the case.  Most likely we would have built another bridge or bribed someone or perhaps paid for some politicians rehab.

Every station I turned on today someone was complaining about the cost, the games, the people, the cars, the buses and anything else they can think of.  I am so tired of it.  For goodness sakes, they are here - nothing can be done and whether we agree or disagree there is nothing to be done to stop them.  Damn it - put a smile on your face and pull the stick out of your butt or stay the hell home and outta my way.  I am planning on having a great time if I have to hurt someone to do it.

The picture today is of the back side of the Art Gallery.  The jumbo tron will show some of the games and because there will be a zip line going across Robson Gallery, they will show all the goofy people sailing above the street.  Should be fun and I will be one of the goofs.

Stay tuned

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