Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What a Wednesday

Day 13 of the games

What a day today.  Canada wins 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze and the night aint over yet.  The rings in the inner harbour turn to gold whenever we take the top prize.  Not sure if anyone else noticed, but all the medals today were won by women.  The city erupts with cheers, cow bells, horns and screams.  I love it.  If nothing else comes from these games, the sense of patriotism is particularly heartwarming. 

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff.  It has been brought to my attention that I may have been voted off the survivor mountain.  What if it is not my foot but rather an appeasement to the Russian team that has kept me off the mountain since Friday?  Suppose the Russian Comrades, as part of their fomal complaint were told that they could be assured "the blond bombshell dope-tester would no longer be a problem for their team?"  Since in Canada we rarely send anyone off to the Arctic, (hell, we hardly send anyone to big house for a full-blown grow-op), they had to settle for removing me from the anti-doping team and send me to the field as a roving greeter and dispenser of directions.  I hope the Comrades are happy.  I know I am not too terribly upset.  No more getting up at 4am to ride in sweaty snow pants for 2 hours to get to the mountain.  I actually feel kinda powerful.  I always suspected I had the ability to put fear in the face of men, given my career choice, but to piss off an entire country puts me in the big leagues.  Perhaps I should include this on my resume.

Today, the weather is back to somewhat normal - wet, cold and windy.  On my way home I noticed that I had even more flowers popping up in my garden from all the warmth and sun we have had.  If you have more than one crocus bloom is it called a bunch of coc-i?  The trees on the street are in full cherry clossom bloom as well.  What a sight for the end of February.  We are about a month early.

I have posted a picture of the fireworks from last night.  Not sure it is too great but it is from my balcony.  I have such a great view each night.  While I certainly enjoy the show each night, I might be done soon.  The boom and rattle of the windows each night at 11pm makes for trying to go to bed early a bit tough.

Tomorrow, I am off to spread charm and goodwill to the media centre area down at Coal Harbour.  I will keep you posted.

Stay tuned.

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