Thursday, February 11, 2010


1 more sleep

The torch just passed by our house.  Well, it was one block away, but still....  I couldnt take any pictures because it was so crowded and the security moved the runner along pretty well.  It is quite remarkable really.  The music and singing is loud and people are hooting and hollering and waving their flags.  I am attending a torch party tomorrow morning at 9am in our office.  The torch passes right by our front door.  The party apparently include a Baileys toast as they pass.  It may be a long day.  The protesters have announced they will be in full force in front of the Art Gallery first thing in the morning.  Should be an interesting time.

I met one my fellow volunteers today who is most likely the most dedicated person I have ever met.  He is a student who transferred here from Slovakia to attend UBC so that he could become an Olympic volunteer.  He is working the transit area at Whistler directing buses and is very happy about it. 

Sears downtown has found a new calling in life.  It is no longer just a department store but now they are posing as a giant flat screen TV.  The west side of the building is now showing the projection of concerts being played in Robson Square.  It is kinda cool.  You can wait for your bus and watch the concert at the same time.

As for me, I was fit for a full walking air cast today.  Here is hoping they let me back on the mountain with it.  If I do not get called in on my on-call shifts for Saturday and Monday then my next full day on the mountain is next Wednesday.  If I promise to keep it elevated and stay off it as much as possible, then I am hopeful that I can still volunteer.  Kris thinks I might be able to pick up a pair of bigger boots at Army and Navy and slide the cast in and then no one at Vanoc will know and keep me away.  I will give it a try tomorrow.  If I cannot find a pair to cover the cast then I will just go with a strong supporting pair of boots and hope for the best.  I haven't worked this hard for the last 2 years not to get across the finish line.  It is too much like finally getting my date with George Clooney only to break out with a case of the mumps the night before.  A real bummer.

The picture is the welcome centre at Pan Pacific.  I will have a new one tomorrow after the torch relay and the bust up at the Art Gallery.  Unless of course, I am in jail and in need of bail money.

Stay tuned

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