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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The City is a-buzz

12 days to go

I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon brunch with my friend Cammie down at the Pan Pacific today.  It was yummy and I will be full until about noon tomorrow.  In anycase, the place was hopping.  The streets around the hotel are now shut down.  Olympic folks were everywhere along with a very strong police presence.  I had the pleasure of listening to some athletes from the USA who were discussing how nice it is here and how could they get to Granville Market to sample some of our famous raw oysters (?).

After a comfortably long lunch, we took a stroll (mostly so I could get the blood circulating below my waistline again.  Did I mention how great the food was?).  The city was busy for a Sunday afternoon with people everywhere enjoying the mild weather and the goings on about town.

I have attached a picture of what the front of the Art Gallery looks like.  It seems that it has nothing to do with the Olympics and while I thought it was a throw-back to the 70's style bedspread, upon doing some research it seems this whole piece is the work of an artist who has named it "Modest Veil".  I see nothing modest about it.  It just screams at me and I feel the urge to scream back "what on earth are you thinking?"

The Robson street skating rink was rocking.  A live band was playing bad Elvis and folks were waiting for the mini zamboni to finish up so they could resume skating.  An artist painted snow on the steps around the rink.  So far, this is the only snow the city has seen.  Unfortunately, my camera batteries died as I tried to take a picture so I will have to go back.  I will post it next time.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates and pictures.

Go Canada

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