Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Better Now

9 Days to go

The weather is sort of co-operating.  It is a little bit chillier than yesterday.  I think we went down to 7 degrees and it seems that some snow fell on Cypress yesterday.  They have been trucking in dump truck loads of snow from the back country and Manning Park to try to get Cypress covered before NBC shows up. 

So, after the issue with the signage being wrong and tourists wandering into the ocean hit the news, the city sent out workers to correct all the signs.  I was almost disappointed.  There goes a wee bit of fun.  It was fun directing the tourists one way while the signs pointed them elsewhere. 

The games volunteers were offered 1 free ticket (with each additional costing $50) to the final dress rehearsal of the opening ceremonies on the 10th.  They stated we can pick them up all this week.  Well, it must have been a hit with a lot of people wanting the to go.  The line-up lasted all day and sneaked around 4 blocks.  Within minutes of picking up the tickets this morning some very enterprising volunteers had them on Craigs List for upwards of $100.  These are most likely the cheapest tickets to anything during the games.  Other tickets for the real opening ceremonies are posted on line for anywhere from $3745.00 to $2200.00 per ticket.  It is faintly embarrassing to see the greed and price gouging.  I hope it backfires on them.  It seems to have already backfired on some folks.  It seems there are some of empty hotel rooms and individual suites in homes.  People got too greedy and now there are all these empty places.  In fact, the floating hotel just cancelled.  The cruise ship started out asking almost $1000 per night and at the end of the games it would cruise to San Fransisco.  When it didn't sell out, they lowered the price to around $500 and then $250 followed.  It didn't work and last night they cancelled.  Perhaps the people who did pay for it will now fill up some of the empty rooms.

I think I have a bit of a mean streak.  I love to see some of these greedy buggers go down and get stuck. 

The picture today is of the TD Tower and their giant cell phone advertistment.  I will cruise with the camera again tomorrow as something odd has popped up down by the Library and I will put that photo up.

Stay tuned

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