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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Indescribable Proud Canadian

Last day of the games

And what a day it was.  The air traffic controllers must be working overtime.  The sky is filled with planes and helicopters.  They have been circling all day.  Road traffic control must have a migraine.  Bridges are closed for the closing ceremonies and buses line the Cambie bridge from downtown back to 12th Ave bringing in performers, athletes and the prominent.  As of 8:30 they are still there.

I spent the day on Robson Square watching the final gold medal game with about 100,000 other people.  What a game - a real nail biter.  As Canada won the gold, strangers hugged and kissed (and the occassional grope).  I hopped on the train to the next stop as it was easier than trying to move.  I wanted to get to Live City Yale Town for the celebration.  I was hugged and kissed and yes, groped (not sure though if I was the goper or the gropee) along the way.  The very packed train burst into spontaneous song.  Oh Canada was sung loud, proud and slightly off key. 

It was amazing to see groups of happy, proud Canadians.  Cars were honking horns and waving flags.  A bus driver held his hand out the window holding the flag and honking his horn.  I am not sure I have the words to descrbe the feelings of pride and patriotism that has been shown.  Not just today but throughout the 17 days.  I have always been proud to be Canadian and this experience has led to a swelling chest, damp cheeks and a bubbly feeling in my belly.

Speaking of belly's, I thought that since I must have walked at least 25 miles during these past 17 days I surely must have lost some weight.  My jeans were a little loser and I could have sworn I had to tighten my belt a notch.  However, it seems that washing those same jeans made them fit again.  I guess I can say now, the food provided to the volunteers was nothng to write home about.  In talking to other volunteers, they all had the same complaints.  Lunch always consisted of a sandwich, soup, apple/orange and a granola bar.  One fella said he grabbed a sandwich that had an expired date n it.  I spoke to a volunteer from Nova Scotia who stated that he had never had such bad food in all of his experiences volunteering at sporting events.  Aside from the bad food, I was too busy between work and the games to remember to go grocery shopping.  At one point I had the grandkids Corn Pops and that was about it.

As I left downtown just minutes before the closing ceremonies ended to avoid the crush of the train, I passed by a playground.  It was all lit up and a group of young kids were playing hockey.  As I passed by there was an argument between a couple of the players over who the other side would be.  As a youngster pointed out - they couldn't all be the Canadian team.  Wonder how that played out.

I will head into work tomorrow and perhaps be surprised at the city.  It may only last a short time however as the Para-Olympics start in about 10 days and a number of the venues will remain open.  I expect to see some of the party to continue but am not sure how big it will be.

A friend has found the article written about me in the Pravda Newspaper.  I hope to have it tomorrow for my final posting so stay tuned.

this has been fun.

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