Monday, February 8, 2010

4 days to go

It seems I have developed a wee stress fracture in my right foot. I have no idea how it happened really. One minute I was fine and on my way to pick up the mail for the office and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. After my doctor stopped laughing at me he sent me for x-rays. Due to his intense laughing he made a mistake as he wrote the order and the next thing I knew I was awaiting my turn in the hospital x-ray department being told I was to have both chest and foot pictures done. I tried to explain there was a mistake but they were adamant I had to have both. I think my doctor and I will be having a real heart to heart soon. I would love to hear his explanation for the need of a chest x-ray for a sore foot.

Prior to my wee side trip, I was out on Granville street enjoying the scenery of another spectacular day (high of 13) when I came across some members of the team from Bulgaria - all of them wearing shorts. They were laughing at those of us wraped up in winter coats and scarves.

I am guessing that the many notices regarding road closures and the need to take public transit rather than drive downtown worked and a great many people took heed and either stayed home or took transit to work. I looked out my window at 8:00am and where I would normally see bumper to bumper traffic along the Cambie bridge and up Seymour, I saw pretty much nothing. I could have run naked down the middle of the street and no one would have noticed as no one was there. I discovered on the train ride home, it was the latter. I had to suck in my stomach just to get on the very packed train..

The photo today is of the Robson skating rink.

Stay tuned

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