Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Very exciting time

Well, these last couple of weeks sure have been full of fun and games.  Very busy time at the Millar home.

Last weekend I went to a cousin's 50th birthday party.  What an absolute blast.  It was held at a horse farm in Langley with live music, free flowing booze and a rather large pig on a spit.  I am afraid my wee granddaughter Rae may now be a tad traumatized by the experience.  She was not at all that pleased at seeing the pig spinning around with its head and tail still intact.  The other two kids however had their pictures taken with it. 

We had a wonderful dinner followed by live music.  I approached my grandson Xavier to see if he would dance with me.  He refused.  I offered him a quarter.  He looked at me and continued to eat his corn on the cob.  About 45 minutes later I was dancing with his sister when he joined me on the dance floor.  I was touched.  (Little did I know how literally I was about to be 'touched').  As the next song started, I expected him to leave but he turned to me and said he loved that song so we continued to dance.  This scenario replayed about 5 more times.  Finally a waltz was played and so he was ready to leave the dance floor.  However, before we departed he announced "that will be $2 please."  Little shyster.  Not only did he actually charge me per dance but he added a service fee as well since  6 dances are only $1.50.   He will go far in this world.

Today is my final day with my company.  It is with mixed feelings that I depart.  Everyone has been so kind.  Kind to the point that I made a complete ass out of myself yesterday.  I was invited to one of my branches for a bit of a farewell where I was presented with a fabulous Coach bracelet, chocolates and a wonderful card which everyone had signed.  I have lived by the rule - "there is no crying in business and there is certainly no hugging".  Well, holy crap - broke my own rule - first my eyes watered, then I sniffled and by the end I was sobbing as I ran back to my office.  I even HUGGED!  What is happening to me?  This is so unlike me.  Must be my hormones or something.

To make myself feel better, I packed up and headed out early.  I had places to go - I was off to meet my destiny.  I knew this day would come sooner or later.  Last evening was a little later than I wanted but at least it was finally here.  I even bought fresh undies - 2 pair.  One to wear and one to toss with my phone number inside.  I arrived early.  I grabbed something to eat, pulled up a piece of grass and patiently waited for destiny to begin. 

As the sun started to set a hush fell over the crowd.  As his name was announced a cheer arose from the crowd.  As he walked onto the stage the crowd went nutso.  As he began to sing, our eyes met across the crowd and I knew, just knew, he was singing to me and only me. Oh sure, there were other people around but he had eyes for me alone.  It was destiny as I knew it would be when I began kissing his picture goodnight those many years ago.  This was the man I was meant to be with.  I finally had my moment with the man of my girlish dreams......Donny Osmond.  It was magical.  The open air of the concert held at the park in the PNE only leant itself to the wonder of it all.

I was there by myself as none of my friends wanted to go with me.  I didn't understand why not but was secretly glad that I alone had this moment.  I did not even invite my brother to tag along.  As you can imagine he was devestated.  Oh sure, he covered it up well with laughter  but I know he was hurt that I did not want to bring him with me.  It would have ruined my image.  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Well, will have lots to write about the next time.  I am off on holiday for a week or so.  Taking the grandkids to my Dad's and the PNE and then I am off to Niagara-on-the-lake for the beginning of my new job.

I will keep you posted with all the goings on.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Spiritual than Religous

So you can imagine my surprise when I ran smack dab into Jesus while eating my lunch on Granville Street.   He came right up to me.  I was touched to think he chose me out of everyone else on a very busy street.  He began by introducing himself and continued with how well he knew me too.  He said I had been chosen as one of the very few who are gifted enough to pass the word along.  We are doomed.  Nice way to ruin my lunch.  I am to rush forth and spread the word that we are all going to pay for our sins unless we make amends by Sunday.  I told him that while I was pleased I was chosen, I am very busy at the moment and Sunday is not good for me.  He gave me until the following Saturday.  I thought that was very nice but in fact I will be busy until at least the new year.  He left uttering something I could not understand.  Now, won't I look a fool if this was really HIM?

It has been a busy summer.  I have had each day jam packed with fun and excitement.  August started with me taking all three grandkids for the weekend at my house which included a trip to Playland.  We have a deal - we go to Playland each year and they can ride the rides until they puke if they want.  Then, when I take them to the PNE, there are no rides as it is so busy you end up spending the day waiting in line for your 60 seconds of fun.  We had a great time and spent about 7 hours there before heading home.  Rae and Xavier are big enough now to go on many more rides than last year.  However, poor wee Lexi is too little again.  I tried to make it up to her by letting her spend extra time on other rides by herself.  Rae fell asleep on the bus.  Do you know how hard it is to hold up the dead weight of a 5 year old while wrangling the other two on a crowded bus?

The following Tuesday was spent acting as support system to my brother as he had his hearing against his company finally heard by the Public Service Relations Board.  What a nightmare.  I will not bore you with details but rush straight to the last hour.  After three days of hearings, testimony and the obnoxious pontificating of an overzealous Perry Mason wannabe, I was sitting at the defence table listening to closing arguments when I looked down at my blackberry.  I had turned off the sound but left it on so I could keep track of what was going on at work.  I happened to notice an email from my daughter "I really do not want to add anything more to your day but I have some news.  The kids have lice."  I looked down in shock, started to laugh and showed my brother the email.  He laughed out loud which threw the pontificating jackass off his stride (bonus).  As it wrapped up, the jackass stuck out his hand to my brother and said "no hard feelings".  Kris is a better man than I and accepted his hand.  If I had been smart, I would have run over and rubbed my head all over him in case the kids had passed their guests along to me.  Instead, I just said "well, I have hard feelings.  I think you are an ass."

The following week, I met with some people from another dealer who quite frankly, made me an offer I could not afford to pass up.  I would have been an absolute fool to do so.  Fast forward to yesterday - I gave my notice to my current employer.  Well, at least I think I did.  I spoke to the third in command and sent the formal notice through to the bigger bosses - the powers that be.  I have not heard a word since.  Not sure if I still work here or not.  In anycase, I have heard nothing but positive from the other people I work with and I will miss them all very much.  As of September 12 you will have the pleasure :) of communicating with the new Director of Compliance, Western Canada.  Cool eh?  Beats the hell out of getting a promotion to "Senior Compliance Officer" because you happen to be the oldest person in the department. 

I will miss strolling around Granville street on a sunny afternoon.  Just this afternoon I came out of the drug store in time to watch 2 obviously derranged Native women go batshit crazy on an old man who just got off the bus.  They were screeching, screaming, jumping around punching, kicking and scratching him.  Just as I approached he made a fist and was hauling back to punch the older one in the face.  I have no idea what came over me but I stepped in between the two of them and yelled - loudly.  "What the hell is wrong with you people?  This is embarrassing and you look stupid."  They then said the man was the devil and needed to be deported (he says he was born in Burnaby) where he would be dealt with like they do with devils where he comes from.  (I guess Burnaby has some pretty strict rules).  Ahhh, I will miss the street shows.

Anyway, I will keep you posted once I find out if I really quit my job or not.