Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Very Blonde Day

Day 14 of the games

I spent the day at Live City, home of Canada House and Manitoba House and wandering the streets.  I was supposed to end up at the media centre.  Something went wrong.  Not sure it was really my fault.  However, my brother may be correct in that I tend to not watch where I am going and sort of day dream as I walk.

So, after a morning of pointing people in the right direction I was making my way through Granville street down to the media centre and the Olympic flame.  I am not sure how it all came about.  I was stopped at the corner of Pender and Granville by a group looking to get to Granville Island.  I spent about 15 minutes with them.  We had a few language barriers.  I thought that odd as they were Canadian but since they came into the city from Surrey, I cut them some slack. (Surrey folks always get a bum rap).  Before turning to continue on my way,  a crowd of people who had just gotten out of the Canadian Mint all seemed to converge upon me at once.  For these folks, I offered to walk them down to the waterfront to make sure they got there ok.

 I turned and before I could even think about it, I was down - in the midst of the crowd.  I took one of them with me.  I had no idea they did some road work down there and put in a new curb.  They should paint them red or something.  Perhaps they should even have them beeping like they do at some cross walks.  Suffice to say, the guy I took down with me stepped on the open part near my toes of my walking cast.  I also tore a hole in my pants. 

After I managed to laugh off one of the more embarrassing moments of my life and valiently tried to explain to the crowd that I was in fact part of the street entertainment and I would be falling again at 3pm on a different curb, I hobbled to a coffee shop and order a tequila straight up.  The guy behind the counter said he would love to offer me one as I looked like I was having a rough day, however the best he could offer was rum flavored coffee.  He did invite me back later for a private tequila.  However, since he was 12 years old, I passed on the offer.

I called it quits for the day figuring that since I have one more day of this before my gig is up, I might want to save the final killing of my body for tomorrow.  On the bus ride home, I met a young family from Seattle who were here for the games.  They had a small son of about 5 or 6 who asked about my cast.  I am still tired of telling the truth about it so I explained I did it snow boarding.  In his very wise voice he explained that I should be more careful.  If he only knew.

As I write, the Candian Women`s Hockey team just won gold against the USA.  The bells, horns and cannon just went off and the rings in the harbour are now gold.  If you see the arena on TV, it is a sea of red.  Nice.

Today`s picture is of the real RCMP in their beautiful red serge uniforms at Canada house.  Nothing could be more Canadian.

Well, early night tonight as I get set for my final day.

Stay tuned

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