Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not nearly enough insurance

22 days to go

So, I settled into my seat on my regular #50 False Creek bus for the 10 minute ride home from work.  Now, either our driver was mad at the world or is suffering from Mario Andretti syndrome.  I settled into my seat with my book and admid the warmth of the bus and great story in my book, I became oblivious to everything around me.  I had sort of felt the speeding up and stopping.  However, he seemed to have really picked up consierable speed along the Granville Street bridge.   Seems he missed the turn off and felt the need to slam on the brakes.  Next thing I knew I was falling off my seat into the aisle and my face slammed into the leg of a guy sitting two seats up.  People reached out to grab me.  I think I have a date with one of them.  I mean, it was the least he could offer after where he grabbed me.

I now have a scraped up knee and a broken nail.  I am more upset about the nail.

This was the cap to what was otherwise a pretty good day.  As mentioned previously, the city is morphing each day.  Today, they added new pieces of art work to Granville street as part of Lunar Fest which kicks off tomorrow.  I took a few pictures of some of the pieces that line the street.  The one I have attached here today looks a little like balloon art to me but I will let you be the judge.

Stay tuned and I will post more pictures.


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