Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have You Met Me?

23 days to go

Some folks say I am clumsy.  Some say I am unlucky.  Some say I just don't pay attention.  I just say "have you not met me yet?  It is well known and incidently, well documented, that crap just seems to happen to me.  I have been known to trip over a leaf on the sidewalk and break my toes.  I recieved a hug from my husband and broke my ribs.  I tripped over a dislpay at the PNE and broke more ribs.  Boogie boarding - more cracked ribs.  Snowboarding - cracked tailbone.  Crossing the street - broken toes. Like I say, crap happens and it just always happens to me.

Today was just another day where I was minding my own business and it happened.  I arrived in my office and was removing my 'walking around town' shoes to put on my office pumps.  I was holding on the back of my chair as I changed shoes and poof - the chair rolled away from me and I fell backwards banging my head on the corner of my desk.  Due to cut-backs in staffing levels, I lay on the floor under my desk in a bit of a daze for about 10 minutes.  No one came.  Not that I expect it anymore as I am quite capable of handling most small incidents when they befall me.  This time, it was just a wee bump and a headache that lasted all day.

Later in the day after I self-medicated, I went for a stroll outside along Granville street.  They have been busy along the road.  There are now a number of interesting pieces of art gracing the way.  I am not an afficiando by any stretch but some of them appear to have been devised by someone seriously taking advantage of a little of our famous BC Bud.  I will bring my camera to work tomorrow and take some pictures to share with ya'll.

Stay tuned.

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