Sunday, January 24, 2010

The New Streetcar

19 days to go

This morning I walked the two blocks to the Olympic Village Train station to try out the new streetcar that runs along the old False Creek train tracks to Granville Island.   Bombardier donated the two trains and the city paid about 2 million to update the old tracks.  It runs about 1 1/2 kilometers to the top of the Granville Island marketplace.  They are very nice trains and the Engineer moves from front to back to each of the terminals to drive - depending on the direction he is travelling.  Was it worth the 2 millions?  After my 3 minute ride, I am thinking we have better uses for the money.  I can get closer by bus than by the tram and it already goes fromt the end of my block to the same place on Granville Island.  The train will be running from now until the end of March when the Para-Olympics are over.  What they will do then is anyones guess.

Well, since I was trying it out anyway, I made my way to the Public Market for some shopping.  I usually stop off on my way home from work.  I had forgotten how busy it gets on the weekend.   Since I had suffered a banged head, a broken nail and a face plant this past week, I figured I deserved a treat.  In addition to purchasing some fresh bread, fruit and a cookie, I dipped into my line of credit and purchased 1/2 pound of fresh scallops for dinner.  This turned out to be only 5 of the suckers.

I have just finished enjoying my scallops and feel a little disappointed.  I should have dipped even further into my credit and purchased a whole pound.  They were incredibly good but even though I tried to eat them slowly and make them last, before I knew it, I was scraping the bottom of my plate.  I have made a promise to myself - if I break another nail, bang up any part of my body or break a bone this coming week, I will take out a loan to buy a whole pound.  I may even take the streetcar again.

Today's picture is of one of those pieces of art on Granville.  When I got closer to this one, it turns out to be a whole bunch of gold painted upside down WOK's.  I felt a kinship with this one.  This is pretty much how my cooking has been described and it has been suggested that I too, turn my WOK upside down and put it away rather than use it for any cooking.

Stay tuned

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