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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Transportation Nightmare begins

17 days to go

What a day!  Besides the announcements of road closures starting to take place, Vanoc provided the volunteers to the Whistler and Cypress venues the transportation plans. I am most curious to meet the fella in charge of this. 

We found out today that there will be two pick-up points for "club 99" - the BCIT campus in Burnaby and the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.  Not too much of an issue I thought.  I can hop on the train to waterfront and hop on the seabus and get to the Quay in time for my bus.  But wait!  Can it really be that easy?  If your shift starts at 11am, this is not an issue.  They request that you be at the pick-up spots 30 minutes ahead of time as the bus will leave right on schedule.  They also ask that you be on the mountain 30 minutes prior to the start of shift to get ready. 

 I have three scheduled shifts that start at 8am.  The bus I need to be on is the 5am bus from either location.  Ok,  I will wake up in the middle of the night in order to do my bit as a volunteer.  I click on the link that Vanoc provided me to plan my public transit route to get there on time.  Turns out someone is a joker with a sick sense of humour.  There is NO public transit at that time.  In fact, Translink just posted the "new" transit hours for trains, buses and boats. 

I might be able to get to waterfront by 5am since the train starts at 4:50am but unless I don a wetsuit and jump into Burrard inlet to swim across, I will be left waiting for the seabus until 6:01am.

Hmm, someone thinks they are funny.  The notice they sent expressly said "if coming to Lonsdale Quay, you MUST take public transit as the area around the Quay is not available to any drop-offs". 

So, I do the only thing I can do, I contact the fella who sent me the notice and mention the problem suggesting that perhaps they have another pick-up point downtown (if necessary I can walk), reschedule my start time or send me to a different venue where I don't have to take the 'Club 99' bus.  And you know what the funny man says " have someone drop you off".  Oh boy - can't wait to meet him in person he seems like he has a swell sense of humour.

I have attached more Granville street art.

Stay tuned

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