Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a new year

And time for me to start something new.  I am hopeful  that I set this up correctly otherwise the only one to view this is someone who may have hacked into my computer.  This is a big step for a technophobe such as myself with no 5 year old child around to assist in he set up.

The purpose of this blog is to follow the adventures of an incredibly awesome Nannagramma (the grandkids words, not mine - yet) as she navigates the challenges and adventures of someone not yet ready to sit back in a rocking chair with a bunch of cats.

My next adventure is as a volunteer to the 2010 Olympic games.  I will report each day on all the wackiness I may encounter.  So far, I have a uniform.  Depending on your point of view - I either look like a 400 pound smurf or a blue tube of toothpaste (the touque is the cap I guess).  Snowpants sound like packing bubbles being popped when I walk.  A lesser person may believe this would be caused by fat thighs.  Not being one of those lesser people, I believe the makers of ladies snow pants do this on purpose to make it easier to find one should one become lost in the back country.

Will keep ya'll posted as the adventure begins!



  1. excellent first entry! I'm hooked

  2. Way to go, look forward to reading your entries. My only suggestion: you might want to change the color of your white headline on the white background of your picture so people can actually read it.

  3. the adventures begin!!
    I will be waiting for the next post!

  4. Where in the world is Nannagamma....

  5. Hey nannagramma! Great start to the blog. I'll be comparing my volunteer experience to yours. :)
    The Debster