Monday, January 18, 2010

ok, bad hair day

so, thank you so much Luisa for the pictures.  I will rotate out one or two.  Keep in mind that it appears I was having a very bad hair day.  I also appear to be thinking of chocolate or something as I have a sort of retarded dreamy look about me.  Alas, poor Luisa had a poor subject.  But just look at the view behind me!  That is from my office 29 floors up on the corner of Georgia and Seymour.

Oh well, in person, I think I look a little better.


  1. Maybe I should start thinking of chocolate when I get pictures taken of myself. Maybe then I'll look like a spicy blonde with a whole lot of sass on the side.

  2. think I got it now..I am a follower!lol

  3. OMG H, I cannot stop laughing. I had to stop reading this at work because co-workers were starting to think I had finally lost it. D.