Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Broken Promises

24 days to go

Since moving to the west coast 27 years ago, I have not owned a winter coat or winter boots.  I have a trench coat and 8 umbrellas instead.   However, due to the cold snap we had the beginning of December, I had to break the promise I made to myself to never be cold enough to need them again.  December 4th found me purchasing my first winter coat.  I am now on the hunt for a pair of winter boots.  I figured, given the fact that we are having record warm tempatures and local mountain snow is melting faster than a snow cone in Mazatlan in August, I could come up with some sales. 

During a trip to the shoe store just outside my office, I quickly discovered that while I might find sales, the problem now is to find black boots with no manufaturers logo.  It is a requirement of VANOC and the 2010 games, that participants must only wear approved sponsors gear.  This requirement extends to food and beverage as well.  No Pepsi for me while in uniform.

I must now find a pair of boots that are not only black and comfortable, but will also look good with a giant piece of tape over any possible logo.  Hmm, I wonder how much more of a fashion plate I can become.  Just watch out for the giant smurf with tape all over her hands and feet (gloves are Isotoner and I need to cover the V logo on the back of my hands).  I should be easy to spot.  Most likely, I will also have spinach caught in my teeth.

Ever since I was informed that there was a good chance I would be caught on camera with the athlete I escort to doping-control, I have lived in fear of the spinach teeth.  That is only preceeded slightly by the thought of being caught adjusting my underwear on camera.  Oh boy.

Stay tuned

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  1. do they know you tripped and fell over a leaf?..so now I am going to have to watch the olympics just to see you...