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Friday, January 29, 2010

Transit problems no more

14 days to go

Ok, so the issue of transit up to Whistler is now sorted out.  I no longer have any early morning shifts.  However, since I made a fuss (although how they can blame me for the fact that no buses run at 4am is beyond me), they changed my shifts so that I now don't have to get up in the middle of the night, but now I am getting home on the last bus and should arrive home at midnight.

The weather here is not quite cooperating for the games.  Today, it was 11 degrees downtown.  A little rain in the city but still too warm for the local mountains.  Cypress is sorely in need of snow.  They are bringing snow in from the back country and holding it at the top of the mountain until just before the games.  They have now lined the runs with hay to build a base under the snow they are saving.  We had record cold temps in Nov/Dec and now we are having a record warm January.  It is good for people wandering around the city though.  However, today, I watched some members of some eastern European team (at least I think they were given it looked like those weird Russian alphabet letters on thier jackets) looking around and one of them stomping the street and laughing like he was looking for the snow.

I went to visit the grandkids this evening.  I promised that they could come and stay with me during the games.  We discussed all the fun things we would see and do since I am right in the thick of things.  Xavier got so excited and when I told him I was part of the Olympics as a volunteer he started jumping up and down.  He thinks I am a mascot.  He would like it best if I am Muk Muk.  I think he is a in for one big disappointment.  Hopefully, I can make it up to him with candy.  These kids are the easiest bribes ever.

More Granville street art.  I will ensure I take my camera to work to take more regular pictures to put up.

Stay tuned

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  1. Given the lack of snow, maybe we should have bid on the Summer olympics instead :) Great pics. Look forward to more updates