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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I will be really mad

16 Days to go

I will be really mad if I get blown up. 

This afternoon I recieved an email telling volunteers that we are an extension of the security team.  We are requested to keep our eyes and ears open for anything suspicious.  Ok, that makes sense and I can work with that.

15 minutes or so after reading that email, a notice was slipped under the door of my office.  The notice, supplied by the building management, outlined the security of the building during the games.  It seems that they feel that since the actual venues will be locked down like a  prison,  major buildings situated in the midst of the games will become prime targets for a terrorist attack.

They have outlined the specifics - right down to colour coding - of how such attacks will be handled.  If we hear "code yellow" over the loud speakers we are to simply leave the building in an orderly fashion the same as if it were a fire drill.  This means there was a rumour of something.  "Code Orange" - means move more quickly as they actually suspect something.  "Code red" means it is confirmed and the building will be on lockdown (unless of course it is falling down) and they will take all precautions.  It seems they are hiring extra security.

I am not sure what they really expect to happen but they seem prepared.  All I know is that I will be royally PO'd if someone tries to blow me up.  I will be even madder if they succeed.

I have posted a different piece of the Granville street art.  You can see some of the giant pictures of some of our athletes hanging in front of The Bay.

Stay tuned

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