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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Face of Vancouver is changing

25 days to go.

So each  time I stepped outside today I noticed something new.  After just completing Granville street construction so you can walk freely everywhere, today they started putting up fences and rolling out Olympic signage.  It seems that right in the middle of the block between Robson and Georgia, there will be a "fest' of some sort that they promise will be 'party central'.  100 feet away and across the street, The Bay sports 50 foot pictures of some of our athletes.  The Scotia Bank has 25 foot red and white window posters of smiling and cheering Canadians begging us to 'show our colours'. Across the street and on the corner of Howe and Georgia, the old Georgia hotel is sporting a 300 foot Canadian flag.  And one block down, the Royal Bank is starting to unfurl a 20 story sign touting thier involvement with team Canada.  Only half of it is completed and right now it says " Proud Supp of team Can".  And for some reason, the Art Gallery has these giant floral sheets streaming down from the roof.  They cover the whole building.  I do not understand what they represent but I guess they must mean something.  Perhaps I am just not bright enough to figure it out.

It seems the tourists are already streaming into the city.  Not a day goes by that I don't get asked by someone coming up to ground level from the new Canada Line trip in from the Airport, hauling some pretty large luggage, directions to a hotel.  I only felt bad once when someone from Germany asked for directions to a hotel on Robson and I sent him to the 4 Seasons on Georgia street.  Ooops.  Honest mistake. I mean really, how many times have I been to a hotel in my home town?  Not to mention, they all look the same to me.

I should have some pictures for ya'll soon.

See you for now

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