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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

what fun

I wasn't actually going to post again so soon but I can't resist sharing my Granville street lunch time with ya'll.

So, there I was minding my own business strolling down Granville in search of some lunch.  I was really hoping something would jump out at me and save me from having to make a decision.  My morning had not gone as well as one might hope and my brain not only needed some food, but also needed a break from actually having to think.  It was one of those mornings where I was lucky to have found my way into work fully clothed.

Some of you may have heard about my rather bad month with the missing brain cells - 1st - wore two different shoes to work - 2nd - wore two different earrings to work - 3rd - forgot I drove my truck to work and took the bus home leaving it in the parking lot to fend for herself  - 4th - when driving grandchildren home after a weekend of fun, didn't notice where I was until Xavier piped up and then realized I had driven to my old house in Walnut Grove - the kids live in Port Coquitlam - 20 miles back.

Anyway, as I stated, I was looking for something to give my brain energy when I heard a rather disturbing noise.  Lo and behold, right in front of me was a skinny white dude with a beard doing RAP.  That's right - RAP.  First, I thought it was illegal for white folk to rap in public and second, he was giving us all a bad name.  I understood when it was 'White Men Can't Jump", then  "White folk can't dance" and now it is most certainly "White Men With Beards SHOULD NEVER EVER RAP" in public.  It's not like he was even making up his own crap to rap about - he was rapping nursery rhymes.  I was assaulted with things that Little Bo Peep never did in any of my books.  Quite frankly, it was downright embarrassing.  To add insult to injury, in competition for our coin there was a woman dancing and singing with a tamborine.  However, she was wearing headphones so I have actually no idea what music she was singing along with. 

Between the two of them, my appetite just went away - all by itself.  Solved my problem - I didn't have to think of what I wanted for lunch anymore.

Cheers and stay tuned for my coffee date experience tomorrow

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