Monday, August 16, 2010

Fantabulous Weekend

What a great weekend.  I had a date with the most perfect of the male species.  It went so well, I invited him to stay over - not just one night but 2!!!!!!!  He was funny, energetic, happy and very complimentary.  He didn't hog the whole bed and he put the seat down after he used the bathroom.  What more could a girl ask for?

Might as well tell you, my ideal date weekend was with Xavier, my 7 year old grandson.  We had a blast of a time.  After I picked him up on Friday, we went for a bike ride around to Science world then back up to Broadway and Canadian Tire (for swim goggles) and London Drugs (sunglasses) then home to watch a movie - Looney Tunes Back in Action.  Best movie I have seen in a long time - what I could hear over the laugh out loud chuckles.  Chocolate milk and potato chips in bed with a movie is what I call fun times - until you end up sleeping in crumbs.  I woke up smelling like salt and vinegar.

The morning brought with it sunshine and the idea to ride our bikes to Kits beach and hit the pool there.  It is a good mile and a half from my house so we set out early to ride the seawall.  Xavier kept up very well and not once did I hear "are we there yet?" or "how much farther?".  We swam for about an hour or so before the X man decided he needed to warm up with some sunbathing.  He seems to have very little by way of the ghost rider gene pool I come from.  He is so tanned it makes someone like me who comes in only 2 colours - red and white, very jealous.  By the end of sunbathing - him and hiding under a tree - me, it was time to find slurpees to cool off.  After some riding around Kits we found our slurpees and headed on home.

It was time to clean out the tickle trunk - which we do once a year in order to make room for new things.  The wee girls (Rae and Lexi) had done their bit to clean it out last weekend and now Xavier had to finish it up.  As he started to sort things out into plastic bags, he asked me "Nannagramma, can I do some charity?"  Turns out X wanted to collect more toys and give them to Children's Hospital.  (Have I mentioned I am an ever so proud NannaGramma?).  He asked if when he finished with the tickle trunk he could go around my neighbourhood and ask other people to donate toys - or "how about some cash?" (like his style).  We settled on him just asking for toys.  Around 5pm on Saturday afternoon, we drove up to the front door of Children's Hospital with 3 big bags of toys.  My favorite wee man then got very shy and forgot his name. 

After diner that evening I thought he deserved a treat for being the perfect grandson for the perfect Nannagramma :).  We again hopped on our bikes and decided to ride around to English Bay (a ride of an easy 2 miles each way at least) to treat ourselves to a special cupcake from the Cupcake store.  Suffice to say, by the time we got home almost 3 hours later, I had to lay on my stomach on the bed.  First because, everyone knows, if you eat something like a highly caloric cupcake, the sooner you lay down on your stomach, the sooner the fat spreads out.  There is no time for it to settle in the stomach region.  Honest.  But almost more important was the fact that I could no longer feel my backside.  My bum was numb.

My date with the perfect 4 foot tall wee boy ended at 10:30 on Sunday morning when I had to take him home so that I could attend my friend Monica's daughter Caroline's baby shower.  This will be her first grandchild and no way was I missing it.  It was a blast and unlike any baby shower I have ever attended.  The whole restaurant was taken over and we were treated to the most fabulous food.  Because I ate so much, I had to rush home and lay down on my stomach again to spread the fat around.  Thank goodness it was Sunday as the calorie count is halved on Sundays - everyone knows that.  Sundays and holidays 1/2 calorie unless you are out of the country on vacation in which case there is no such thing as calories.  In fact, if you happen to be out of the country on vacation, on a Sunday which also happens to be a holiday day - well, you can eat all you want and actually lose weight.  I plan to be in Italy on Easter Sunday spending my day eating Veal Parmigana and drinking Chianti.  By the time I am done, I should be a size 2.

Because Monica seems to think it is odd that I am not comfortable being hugged by strangers, she paid her friend Teresa to mug me by hugging.  As you can tell by the picture, I am getting more comfortable with it.

Stay tuned

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