Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fun times for the Nannabananagramma

I was strolling Granville Street yesterday enjoying the eclectic group assembled along the boulevard.  I came across 4 Hare Krishna's banging on thier drums and mumbling something I couldn't make out.  Who knew that after all these years the hair style of choice for these folks is actually in style by some of the young people I see strolling the streets of the west end.   I stood there and wondered how I would react at seeing my children standing on street corners wearing the equivalent of an adult diaper with a shaved head save for the braided pony tail.  I came to the conclusion that as long as they didn't wear name tags I would be ok with it.  I use to be a lot more restrictive and close minded, however ever since my grandson started calling me nannabananagramma, I figured I had to lighten up a little.

Further down the street, I came across a  barbershop quartet.  They were actually pretty good and I enjoyed standing there for a few minutes.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a full band setting up.  Looked to be about 5 pieces - including full drum kit.  I wanted to see how this would play out.  How can the barbershop compete?  Is there a hierarchy to this sort of thing?  First come, first served?  Perhaps there would be an all out fist fight.  Turns out nothing much happened.  The quartet quickly snatched up their hat and passed it around before the band got started and moved on to another block.

A fight did break out though.  It was between the police and some guy running out of Sears.  I wasn't aware it was the police at the time.  It wasn't until I heard them telling the kid to "Stop - Police" (just like in the movies) that I realized what was happening.  A bunch of us sat down to finish our lunch and watch the show - police chase to the sound of music in the background.  They finally tackled him right by London Drugs.  To try to get away, the kid squirmed right out of his shirt as they grabbed him.  I remember thinking that it was in his best interest to keep his shirt on.  I was almosted blinded by the sight of Casper the ghost.  The kid kept yelling "I didn't do it" and the cops were asking him "then why did you run".  I loved his response " because I knew you wouldn't believe me".

The rest of my lunch hour was spent watching a woman who must have been having a very bad day as she had forgotten her underwear under her micro-mini skirt and had a dog following her - a man on his cell phone who was experiencing something unbelievable "I can't believe it.  I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE IT." and had a laugh over the two girls who bought ice cream cones only to get in that first lick and have ice cream fall from the cone onto the street.

Sadly, at the end of summer the street will be opened up to bus traffic again and it will cease to be pedestrian only.  I have been enjoying the daily shows down there that have been taking place since a month prior to the Olympics.

As you can see, between people watching and bad dates, this is my life.  I am thinking of renting a new life for a few days just to try it out.  Perhaps after I return the rental I will discover I actually am not as boring as I think I am.  We shall see.

Stay tuned - have date with special man on Friday.

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