Sunday, January 6, 2013

Might Have Spoken Too Soon

I still think 2013 will be lucky.  I think I have just had a bit of a rocky start.

I found my glasses - by stepping on them.  I got them repaired on friday.  And then they fell out of my purse and I backed over them with my car.

I went shopping and found a beautiful rib eye steak - on sale.  It has been a very long time since I enjoyed a good steak.  I brought it home and was looking forward to a great meal including cauliflower with cheese sauce and a small serving of scalloped potatoes.

I decided that I would dredge my steak in flour with some steak spice and slow cook it.  My mouth was watering.  I made my cheese sauce and prepared my place setting at the table.  I had my book all set up and was looking forward to a great meal.  I even have special steak knives that I used to lovingly cut my first piece of meat off a perfectly prepared rib eye.  I closed my eyes to savor the moment.

As I chewed my eyes popped open in surprise.  This was a surprisingly sweet piece of meat.  Turns out, without my glasses, I had accidently dredged with sugar instead of flour.  Steak spice and sugar do not mix.  The cauliflower was fine but the potatoes burned while I was trying to figure out what went wrong with my steak.  This reminded me of the other time I was not able to eat a rib eye.

I had a road trip to Whitehorse a couple of years ago and went for a business dinner to a place where I was assured I would recieve "the best steak ever eaten."  I was suspicious.  This was Whitehorse and the assurance came from someone who also told me the weather was mild (only -22).

I ordered my favorite steak - again assured I would love it.  When it arrived 52 minutes later I sat looking at what appeared to be a rib eye totally encased in some sort of crust.  I cut into it and closed my eyes to savor it.  OMG!!!!!!

The first sense was that of a mouth full of very small pebbles.  The second sense was a taste of coffee.  I hate coffee.  The third sense was I had a mouth full of dirt and garbage.  This actually made sense as it was explained to me as I spit my full mouth, as delicately as possible, into a napkin, that the "secret" to the chef's "best steak ever" was in fact to roll it in used coffee grounds and to use the coffee for the Au Jus.   EWWWWW.  Who ruins a perfectly good steak by rolling it in kitchen garbage first?  Used coffee grounds are only suitable for compost. 

For the pleasure of being served garbage, I got charged $68.  Perhaps they import beef to the Yukon by pack mule.

I still think that that 13 will be lucky for me.  I got the bad luck out of the way in the first week.  Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket.  It should all be good going forward now.

Stay tuned for lucky stories.

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