Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Much Fun is a Mother Allowed to Have at her Child's expense?

Turns out, quite a bit but it's still not enough!

I met the boyfriend of my youngest child this weekend.  I had invited them both to lunch at White Spot in order to meet this young man and to offer him a modicum of protection in being in a public place.

The boy already had a couple of points in his favor - he is gainfully employed in a job he likes and has no visible tattoos or piercings.

He was almost painfully shy as he shook my hand and it was shaking.  He admitted his nervousness.  I liked it.

Suddenly, my child leaves the table for the restroom.  We are alone.  I start the boyfriend drill - where are you from?  Where did you grow up?  who are your parents?  Where do they live?  Do you like them?  How often do you see them?  Do they work?  Where?  Where did you meet my child?  When?  Do you prefer beef or fish? (just to throw him off his game a little).  What is your 5 year plan?  this is the question where everything went sideways.

BF:  My 5 year plan includes your daughter.
ME:  Huh?
BF:  I would like your permission to marry her
ME:  Huh?
BF:  I want to marry your daughter
ME:  Why?
BF:  Why?
ME:  That's what I asked.  Why do you want to marry her?
BF:  Because I love her
ME:  Why?
BF:  Why what?
ME:  Why do you love her?
BF:  Because she makes me happy and I love everything about her
ME:  Do you think that is a good enough reason to get married?
BF:  Yes, I love her.
ME:  Can you support her?  And I just don't mean financially.
BF:  Yes and any family we have.  I never turn down hours to work

Well, knock me over with a feather

ME:  When do you want to get married?  Tomorrow?
BF:  Later

My child returned to the table with WELL????????  What was I to say?  I just smiled and said, given he is the best of the bunch to date, I am ok with it.

I guess I am getting a second son-in-law.  Wonder when that will be?  Does this mean that I now have an expanded christmas list?  Hope he likes things from Target.

On another note, I am un-motivated so far this year.  My accomplishment to date - I have reached level 36 on my blackberry Brickbreaker game.  That's it.  I have no motivation for anything else.  My christmas tree still stands like a beacon in my living room.  I am now thinking that it actually works as a well decorated plant and looks good in the corner.  The Christmas lights still hang from my balcony and I have not run the vacuum all year.  I think I am turning into a sloth.  On the upside....I have watched 26hours of NCIS re-runs that I saved to the PVR.  Mark Harmon is still cute.

Perhaps the motivation will come to me when I run out of clean underwear (of which I have 45 pair) and the crud on the floor gets to the point where my feet stick to the carpet when I walk or the carpet becomes crunchy.  I guess this is one experiment that will just have to play itself out before I know the reults - my tipping point for motivation.

Well, stay tuned for more exciting adventures - let you know if I ever have any more

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