Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with 2012 - here comes lucky 13

Well, its the end of the year and I am very happy.  This last month has capped off a year that I am happy to see behind me.

On my way home from the office today I passed a sign that made me smile first and then made me think.  It was outside a party supply store - "The end of the world was cancelled - its time to party"

I have to say I was a tad disappointed when nothing happened on Dec 21st.  Not that I wanted the world to end or anything.  I haven't found a boyfriend yet and I am thinking I might like to have one before the world ends.  I just wanted a little something,  I would have wished for just a change - perhaps like the whole human race sprouts wings at midnight.  Would have made for an interesting morning.

I am just happy December is over. 

I woke up December 1st hit by a nasty, nasty cold bug that hung on all month.  This was capped off by a nasty, nasty bout of flu that hit me boxing day and stayed with me until this morning.  I think I lost about 25 pounds (which I am sure will find its way home by mid January).

After a lovely Christmas eve with my favorite wee ones (their parents also showed up - they were driving).  It is so much fun with them.  This year, they were just as excited to watch me open the chocolates and scarf they got me.  I was so wrapped up in making jewellry with Rae, building a tool box out of foam with Lex and playing flying connect 4 with Xavier that I forgot to take pictures.  The only down side was dinner.  My attempt at a new dish each family meal was again a complete failure.  I am done with Yams.  Twice now it has failed.  However, no one was rushed to emergency this time so perhaps not a complete failure.

Boxing day I awoke feeling not quite right but headed off to the store anyway to check out a laptop.  As I was standing there listening to the salesman tell me all about the coolness of a combo laptop and touch pad when all of a sudden I knew that if I did not leave at right that moment I was going to puke on his shoes.  Short story - I spent the next three days laying on the couch with a giant bowl throwing-up even sips of water and sending text messages to my oldest daughter letting her know where my Will was and what to do with the china when I died.

It was a rough month. 

I am actually looking forward to lucky 13.  I am not making any resolutions.  No need to.  Traditionally, 13 has been a very lucky number for me.  On roulette, I usually hit it every once in a while.  I went into labour with my youngest on the 13th.  My first divorce was final on the 13th.  So you see, all I need to do is wait for my luck to change.  I am even willing to bet that I will have at least one good road trip where everything goes right.  2013 is gonna be a good one.

My goals for the coming year - less work, more play.  Oh yeah, win at least 1mil so play comes easier.

Happy New Year to all my friends and family.  It's a lucky year ahead!

Stay tuned

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