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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Here are the rules for holidays in my house:

1)  Mothers Day
2)  My Birthday
3)  Christmas

It's just the way it is.  I love Mother's day.  I must admit I loved them more when my children were young but I still enjoy the day.  I miss those early days when I got served Rice Krispies with green Kool-Aid because we were out of milk.  I miss that lunch time salad made with bits of cut up hot dog  because the girls were creative and they remembered when I said my mother used to cut up hot dogs in macaroni.  They figured I must love them.  The one morning when I had my eyelid pealed back by an excited child because they thought I was sleeping too long and it was only 5am.

Today I spent the day with my oldest daughter and her family at my grandsons lacrosse game.  It was the final game in his first tournament.  It was wonderful and I had a great time (they lost 6-5 at the last minute and brought home a silver).  My oldest granddaughter presented me with a mothers day gift as well.  She very proudly gave me pieces of a puzzle and a small soccer ball she found.  It was ok the puzzle was missing pieces because as she explained, that made it harder to do and would keep me busy for a long time.  The soccer ball was a gift because she had another one.  It was very sweet and gave me flash backs to those earlier days.

By tradition, I do nothing on Mothers Day.  I do not cook, do dishes, pick up laundry or even wipe down a counter.  This was a lot easier to do when the girls were little as they did it for me.  However, since I now live with a brother who behaves this way on a daily basis, it made for an interesting time.  It took an amazing strength of character for me to ignore the dishes, the sticky counter and the mess in the hallway.  However, since I am a person of strength, I did manage to step over the mess, walk away from the kitchen and hide out in my room giving myself a manicure and watching Murphy Brown re-runs on my computer.  I will pay for this tomorrow but it doesn't matter - the tradition stands!

I also discovered something today as I stood in the stands yelling and cheering on my grandson.  I got so excited at one point I jumped right up, forgetting my youngest granddaughter was on my lap, and dropped her on the floor.  Anyway, as I drove away from my family, I discovered I really and truly missed those days of driving home with my children after a softball, basketball, volleyball game or dance recital reliving the event and excitedly discussing the high points.  I wished I had had more children.  Not a whole baseball teams worth, but one or two more.

This rather surprised me.  If someone asked me 15 years ago if I would have wanted more children I would have laughed maniacally.  I guess you really do mellow with age and remember things in a different light -the terrible twos that lasted 15 years, the teenage hormones running amok, the worry over late nights, driving and boyfriends are forgotten. 
I began to wonder if there was a way they could reverse my hysterectomy and if it was too late to have just one more.  I awoke from my stupor with a start - took two aspirins when I got home and now I feel much better!

I have a busy week ahead of me.  I have another blind date on Thursday afternoon for coffee.  I will keep you posted.

stay tuned

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