Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crap on a piece of toast

I went to sleep last night feeling deeply disappointed.  I was upset that only 60% of our voting population took the time to get out and vote and that of that 60% - 40% of them voted as they did.  If you do not participate you do not have a right to complain.  On the upside, can't wait to see how a former waitress who didn't even campaign (went to Vegas instead) is going to function in parliment.  Hope she bought some new clothes at that fabulous outlet mall in Vegas.

Other crap - my cake decorating classes ended and other than gaining 10 pounds, I am not sure I really learned anything that will help me in decorating fabulous cakes for the grandkids.  Turns out that while I learned what each of the tips in my kit are used for, I have no imagination or real talent for decorating.  While I managed to make 55 cupcakes for my wee granddaughters Easter birthday party, some of them looked like something they could make themselves.  They did taste ok though.  My son-in-law must have gained the most weight during my classes.  He ate two of my homework cakes and a good portion of the cupcakes.  I don't think he really cared what they looked like - more of how they tasted and for that I am grateful to Betty Crocker and her "Moist Devils Food Cake" mixes.

On Saturday I attended my grandson, Xavier's lacrosse game.  I  really have no idea what came over me (might have been the sugar high from that last cake) but I turned into someone with no sense of shame and a real lust for blood.  I remember yelling and cheering for my children during their sporting events but they were never in real contact sports.  I found myself jumping up and down urging him to "take him out/down and hit him, hit him, for God's sake hit him hard and take him out".  There was a mom sitting on the bench beside me who said she thought I was the "nice Nana".  Ha! 

After the game, Xavier came out all sweaty and happy and said he could hear me across the arena.  I asked if I embarrassed him (a bonus) and he said "it was ok as long as I didn't use his name."  I think that counts as embarrassment.  That was a plus.  I think it is in my grandma contract to "love, spoil and embarrass at all appropriate opportunities."

I am going back online this weekend with new pictures and a full of bull bio.  My social experiment is about to begin again.  I decided it was time.  Enough of my hair has grown out now that I kind of like it again.  I will not have to hide from the camera.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not look quite as dorky as I thought when a gentleman in line at the Bay started talking to me and told me I looked attractive and he liked my hair and my shoes.  So what if he is gay?  It still counts as a compliment.  I think I even blushed.

Well, off to pack for a road trip to the island.

Stay tuned

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