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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Granville Street

Lots going on this week on Granville.  For those of you not aware, Granville Street is a downtown hub of activity filled with a generous assortment of oddities.

Skinny White Boy Rapper has upped his game.  Last evening while awaiting my bus, I was privy to his newest sidewalk concert.  He no longer just 'raps' em out on his own.  He now raps to a soundtrack complete with background singers and a full orchestra.  Because my bus was late, I had a front row seat to his rendition of Celine Dion's song from Titanic - rap style.  I had to give him kudos for thinking outside the box.  He was so outside the box he entered the Isosceles Triangle state - three equal sides - no way out.  While I am not a real fan of Celine, I almost felt sorry for her.

You may also be amused by my 3rd encounter with cash machine guy.  This time I saw him before he saw me and as I stood there smiling waiting for him to approach me I watched him look up and catch my eye.  He stopped short and was unsure which direction to go.  As he finally decided to back up and head south, I shouted "Aw c'mon.  Don't leave me hanging here.  Perhaps 3rd times the charm.  You never know until you ask."  People stopped to stare as he broke out into a run straight down Granville towards Robson where perhaps he could attract a richer sort of clientel.  I think I have found my new hobby.  Now I just need to track down the guy with the locked car trying to get his passport who is willing to give me his laptop if I would just pay for a cab back to the airport.  He has approached me twice in a period of about 6 months.  While I had to give him kudos for the inventive story, all I could reply on his second approach was "your car was probably towed by now".

I love Granville Street!

Today, as yesterday, we have a celtic band playing a concert in the courtyard of Sears right across the street.  Really cool.  I had forgotten we are coming up on St. Paddy's day but was reminded as I went to get a cup of soup for lunch and was asked if I wanted to try a green St. Patrick's day sandwich with my soup.  While I am up for most things, I am thinking that green on bread = mold and that doesn't quite perk up my appetite.

My appointment for another consultation takes place on Wednesday, March 30th.  Can't wait to see what they charge for the silly putty face fillers.

I haven't located a camera with a soft light filter yet to take my photos so dating will have to be put on hold unless someone sets me up with their friend, neighbor, brother, father, lawyer, accountant, doctor, plumber....well you get the picture.

Stay tuned

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