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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Consultation

So I had my first consultation on Friday morning.  Wow!  Who knew that silly putty was so expensive.    The appointment lasted almost two hours and I felt like I was the sad little bridesmaid who gets chosen because the bride feels sorry for her.  I know that I am not happy with certain aspects of my face but to hear these people talk - they sent in three nurses and two doctors- I will die alone and unloved if I do not fix the horribleness that is my face before it is too late.  Good thing I have a pretty good sense of self or I might have whipped out the credit card then and there and let them do their magic.  I can understand how so many people pay so much for this stuff if this is the way they go about sucking in you in by trying to make a person feel horrible.

They said I needed the following:  Face treatment creams - cost $600 for three months worth,  Botox injections around my mouth, chin and eyes (I didn't even want my eyes done) - $600 and lasts 3-4 months and finally the filler (also known as silly putty) -3cc's for $3000 and will last about 9 months.  Total cost comes to $4200.

While I am worth every penny, I am not sure I wouldn't rather just spend it on a rather wonderful vacation while contemplating the lonely life ahead of me.  However, I am not to be deterred quite yet.  I am booking another consulation appointment with the Facial Rejuvination centre for next week..  I will see what they say.

I still want the silly putty but it seems in order to have the procedure I will need a second job.  I started to think about it and it turns out I am not qualified for anything other than what I do now.  In order to work at even McDonald's, I need a course called "food safe".  I cannot work in a bar - same issue and I know nothing about drinks.  In order to work in a clothing store in the mall I would need to know something of fashion.  This is a tall order considering my friends all know I am a walking fashion faux pas.  Most days I have to contact a friend via email in the morning to check and see if my chosen outfit goes together. 

So, now that I have been made aware of the problem, I am going to have to make a plan that does not involve any other skills - since I have none - to try to save the funds required to have the work done.  Maybe this new place will have other ideas and a better price list for me.

All in all an interesting experience.  I may have to do three or four spearate consults before I get the results I can live with.  In anycase, I will be ready by my birthday one way or another.

Stay tuned

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