Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If anyone has seen my car.......

How old does one need to be to lose ones mind?  I am in serious need of a real holiday - the kind that comes with room service and a massage.  The kind where once on the airplane, you are lifted off to another world where even the Stewardess's are kinder and gentler and the food tastes better (Ok, that might be pushing it but you get my drift).

I have not been on holiday since April 2009 when Kris and I took that fantastical South American Cruise.  My brain is mush and I can feel leaking out of my ear and  running down the left side of my neck into my collar. 

We are heading into the home stretch of an RRSP season where stupidity rules the roost.  If I am asked one more time - When is the deadline and what is the limit this year (this is by staff), I will push someone under the nearest bus.

 I am forgetful of late.  I am short on good temper.  I am cranky.  I am tired.  Did I mention forgetful?

Back to my original question.  If anyone knows where I left my car, I will be grateful.  I have a feeling I drove to the grocery store last evening and then walked home.  If this is the case, this is goona cost me big time.  It is $6.00 an hour to park.  You get the 1st hour free if you shop but after that they kill you.

As for cranky, this morning I wanted to bite through the arm of a small child on the bus.  At the second stop after I got on, three classes of grade schoolers got on for a ride downtown.  One sat next to me and kept climbing over me in his effort to beat his friend at pulling the bell for his stop.  His teacher kept trying to slap his arm down and tell him to sit still but he ignored her and in her effort to "assist" me, she slapped me in the face.  Always a pleasant way to start the day.  I normally quite like kids.  I have changed my opinion.

Since I have obviously lost my mind, I have removed myself from all dating websites until the end of RSP season.  I am afraid I snapped on Saturday when some young kid wanted to be the one who "could show me the moon and stars".  Turns out this past weekend was a full moon so the looney's were out in full force.  They must be re-running The Graduate or the Summer of 42 a lot lately.  Why does every 20 something think that every 40 something wants to be a teacher to a stupid kid who has the attention span of gnat?  I think I blame Demi Moore.  Ever since she married that kid, it has been tough for the rest of us.  However, it seems my child thinks it would be cool to have a new Daddy who is younger than she is.  I find this oddly disturbing.

I will get some new pics taken this weekend with my new "do" and start fresh.  Maybe the new hair will stop some of these kids from pestering me.  I have been told this should do wonders for my ego.  It actually does nothing of the kind.  It just kinda grosses me out. Maybe if I drank........

I will keep you posted next week after my new profile is up and running.  My sister-in-law suggested I put up someone else's picture and lie about myself and then only when I have one on the hook tell them the truth.  I might actually run two ads - one with my picture and the truth and one with a picture of someone else and full of lies and see what happens.  That could actually be a pretty fun experiment.  Anyone want to volunteer their picture?

I will let you know what happens.

Stay tuned

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  1. She's just suggesting that because it worked out so well for her. I never even really looked at the picture anyways, its always been a woman's mind that has interested me.