Saturday, February 19, 2011

I must have been sleeping

I got old while I slept.  This was pointed out to me recently by a group of younger work associates.  I made some comment about some music I had heard where the english language had been altered.  Apparently, the word "with" is much too difficult to say so the new word is "wich".   As in "I want to get wich you."  I thought the song was about the girl making the fella a sandwich.  I found the exact sentance reads "Alls I kin say to ya, is I wan git wich you"

I have misunderstood lyrics in the past but it seems that I am actually hearing the words correctly but the singers are now too lazy to say the word properly.  This also goes for the "S" sound.  It seems it is easier to make is sound like the softer "SH".

I no longer think I need my meds adjusted as I am pretty sure my hearing is not affected - its just my age. 

While the news goes on about making sure our children get enough excersize so they don't get fat and lazy, no one is doing anything about this new epedemic - kids so lazy, they cannot be bothered to say a whole word - or say it properly.  Brother has become Bro - Hello is Yo - Want is Wan - Out is Ow.  I head even Dude has become Du.  And in cases of extreme disbelief, it becomes Duuuuuu.  So, in the rush rush world of our youth where even speaking properly takes too much time, Imagine the following sentence being heard and having to pick up an english to english transalation dictionary to figure out what it means:  "Sos, I linked up wich my bro and I tagged "Yo, Du, ya wan hit the shtreets ta check ow tha new place on Robson?"  I think you get the gist.

On to another topic, walking down Granville street this past week I saw some interesting sights.  For instance the man, obviously in a great hurry, hurrying down the street while shaving.  The man had guts - he was using a razor blade NOT an electric razor.  One false step, one curb not seen and an ambulance would have to be called.   Then there was the woman with the tambourines.  She danced as she walked.  These people put a smile on my face.  Then there was the woman I wanted to push under a bus.  The stupid broad was throwing handfuls of bird seed and bread crumbs out by the pound on the sidewalk beside the train station thereby attracting what seemed like thousands of sqawking, flapping, flying rats that are also known as pigeons.   Does she not know that some people might actually have very real phobias against flapping, flying rats and that some people could not actually get near the train station to go home thereby taking the bus and having to sit next to a nose picker?  Some people might get cranky because of this.

For those of you wondering how my first visit to a gay bar went - you will have to keep wondering.  The friend who was to take me got sick so we will have to make it another time.  This might be a good thing as I have a feeling I am going to need to go shopping for new clothes first.  I want to make sure I fit in.

I will keep you posted.

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