Friday, March 1, 2013

Depression - They Name is Arts & Crafts

I am depressed.  I simply cannot believe that every attempt I make at trying something new is such a failure.  It may finally be sinking in - I have no talent for anything in the arts.  This includes dancing, cooking, singing, painting, sewing, Yoga (you don't want to know) and I now include crocheting.

I bought a "How to Crochet for Dummies" book, two hooks and a whack of really pretty purple wool.   I worked on making a blanket - that seemed like an easy way to start.  Well, turns out, I may not follow directions like I should.  The blanket turned out to be 3 1/2 feet wide BUT 17 feet long.  For some reason, I had trouble turning a corner. 

I put the blanket away in my storage locker while I contemplated what to do with it.  Well, two weekends ago, in an attempt to shame me in taking down my Christmas tree, my friend and her boyfriend came over and helped me organize my storage locker so I could get my christmas boxes out.  The blanket was taking up room and I figured with summer coming in just 4 short months and it being so cold out right now, I would put it in the alley so our local homeless folks could pick it up to stay warm.

It is still there.  No one wants it and now it is soaked.  Jeez.  My feelings are hurt.

After the month I have had - no staff, RRSP season and the rain, I have decided I would just love to chuck it all and open up a Pub.  I even have a name - Welcome to "Happy McChuckle Nuts".  I LOVE that name.  I think it is the best name ever and I would certainly be a patron of any place with a name like that.  I think it invokes great images of happy men.  Ahh, but to dream.

On another note, those close to me are aware (and they secretly laugh behind my back) that I am quite afraid of birds.  When ya'll stop laughing, read on.

I was on a conference call yesterday and as I was listening to others drone on, I was looking out my office window.  It is a rather large picture window that faces due north- right on to the freeway where there is massive construction taking place.  Anyway, imagine my surprise (and that of the people on the call) when I let out a rather loud scream.  I watched as a giant bald eagle (biggest I have ever seen that close) came barrelling at my window.  He looked like he was going to crash right into it when he banked sharply to the right.  I watched in awe, as two sea gulls chased this eagle all over the place for at least 5 minutes.  Even the contruction workers stopped what they were doing to look up and watch.

I have never seen anything like it before.  These two gulls chased this poor eagle around as he bobbed and weaved in and out of trees and buildings.  I had no idea that sea gulls were so aggressive.  This is behaviour I fully expect from crows - they are mean and vindictive and have been known to dive-bomb me for no reason.  I have always thought of gulls as being a peaceful bird.  Except of course if you happen to be eating french fries outside on the ferry - THEN they are downright rude.

It was quite the spectacle.

As a reward for surviving the month (and finally taking down my tree), I am picking up my favorite wee people this evening.  I will be taking them to Victoria tomorrow to celebrate my Uncle's birthday.  They will play with their cousins, behave perfectly, sleep when asked, have perfect manners and generally make me look good.  I know this to be fact since they are my grandchildren and they are perfect.  (I may have already visited Happy McChuckle Nuts today).

I will keep ya'll posted.


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