Thursday, February 14, 2013

Still Unmotivated - but now I have a reason

As you read in a previous posting, I have been having trouble getting motivated this year.  I have been exhausted and by the time the weekend hits, it's all I can do to move from my bed to the couch without hurting myself.  That was January.  Tis now the middle of February and the problem stille exists.  However, I now have a real excuse.  It is hell month. 

I hate the banks.  Because of them we have this so-called "RRSP Season".  This is the time of the year when they start advertising their best rates on deposit instruments and warn everyone how they will be living out of cardboard boxes and eating cat food in their old age if they do not deposit to their retirement funds.  Of course the rest of us then have to play along if we want to earn a living.  I am short-staffed and wading in a sea of paper.  So much of it has crossed my desk lately that I have seriously considered the benefits of a lighter and some gasoline with the thought of starting fresh - new office, new paper, new season.  However, I don't think I will do well in jail so I guess arson is out. 

The stupid long days make me even more exhausted by the weekend.  My Christmas tree is still up.

Also due to exhaustion, I think I broke my nose.  Stoopid banks.  I walked into the door frame and hit it nose first.  I have my father to thank for the family nose - thanks Dad.  Am giving up on my glasses.  Don't think I can face the repair people again for a third time in less than 3 months. 

On the upside to all this exhaustion, I did something I am rather proud of.  During one of my spazz attacks at the sea of paper and never ending phone calls, I decided to take a walk.  I strolled right into the travel agency and booked me a cruise to Hawaii.  Round trip Vancouver, Hawaii, Vancouver.  I leave on the 18th of April for 18 days.  After a little sticker shock, I am pretty excited.

If the excitement holds, I just might take down my tree before I leave.

Stay turned for more.

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