Sunday, April 29, 2012

Always Be Prepared

I recieved a call at the beginning of the week - " Hi Nannagramma, would you like to make me a cake for my birthday? I want pink and purple."  Who could resist a request like that?

 I am fully aware of my past mistakes and did my best to mitigate them fully.  I hit the grocery store armed with a list of supplies:

2- Betty Crocker, french vanilla cake mixes
1 dozen eggs (already multiplied since I usually only buy a 1/2 doz)
2lbs butter
2lbs icing sugar
1 bottle carpet cleaner ( be prepared - see last cake debacle)

I started early.  The cake was due for 11am Sunday morning.  I started Friday night after work,  If I have learned anything it is to leave a full extra day in case you have certain "unexpected" incidents causing you to begin again.

I got all the ingredients together to begin baking.  I ran into my first road bump but figured I am nothing if not adaptable.  The instructions said "mix together 3 eggs, 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of vegtable oil".  I only had olive oil.  Olives are a vegtable right?  It all looked alright as I poured the mixture into the cake pans.  After 35 minutes, I opened the oven door to pull out 2 cakes that were about 1/2 inch high.  As I pulled them out, I realized that I needed to get back to the gym and build my arm muscles up again.  I was not expecting the cakes to weigh about 4lbs each.  Turns out olives aren't the right kind of vegtable at all.  Good thing I was prepared.

I started over and this time, I went with my other oil choice - grapeseed oil. Ok, still not vegtable but it is a fruit (isn't it?)  and it was all I had and it is supposed to be good for you.,  The cakes turned out lovely- light and smelled wonderful.  Now, on to the icing.

I found a new butter cream recipe which called for whipping merangue into the butter.  It was wonderful.  It turned out better than I ever thought possible.  I spent Saturday morning decorating the heart shaped cake with pink and purple icing.  I have attached a picture.

I attended Lexi's bowling party this morning along with at 40 other short people wacked out on sugar at 11am on a Sunday.  I was greeted by 6yr old Rae who announced " I just cannot believe that Lex is already 5.  I remember when she was just a baby and she would let me hold her.  Now she is just like a real little person."  Sometimes Rae is a 60 year old woman.

After I finished with the cake Saturday, I went for a walk.  The streets are beautiful right now.  The cherry blossoms are out in full.  The smell is sweet and somehow warming to the soul.  Feels like spring and the renewal is beginning.  I have attached a picture of my street. 

While on my walk, I came across a interesting spectacle.  A man was standing on the corner waiting to cross the street.  He must have been listening to some pretty intense music on his ipod.  He was conducting the orchestra.  His arms were flailing about and he was pointing like he was telling the horn section to 'pick it up'.  I stood and watched him for few minutes and realized this was really no different from me singing aloud to my music only to be told I couldn't carry a tune in my handbag.  Live and let live.

After my walk I decided that since it was such a nice day (relatively speaking), I would hop on my bike and go to the grocery store.  I finished a wee shop, just enough to fit in my backpack without causing me to fall over, and hopped back on my bike.  I had just finished crossing the street and headed towards home when this yaboo decides to pull a u-turn from the curb.  My bike tire clipped his bumper and I went backwards off my bike.  Thankfully, I had my handy dandy helmut on or I would have found myself explaining, once again, the my favorite emergency room doctors that I had indeed fallen down again and this time cracked my skull instead of the favorite rib. 

The idiots defence: " I am so sorry, I didn't see you there." "No shit, wonderbread, you didn't look over your shoulder. How could you not see me? I am a rubenesque woman wearing a bright pink shirt and a pink and white helmut on a giant black bike (I can barely reach the ground when sitting on it). Who the hell taught you how to drive - a 5 year old on a tricylce? If you want to feel better for knocking an old lady to the ground, come a little closer and I will kick you in the family jewels so hard that your father will feel it."

He decided to get back in his car and leave. I hobbled home and had a nap.

Well, getting ready for another big road trip. I know y'all are jealouis of my jet setting nlife style as I head off to Edmonton, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg. 9 meetings in 5 days. I am then going to take a few days off to locate the part of my brain that I obviously misplaced when I took this job.

Stay tuned. I am starting to feel like my life is one giant Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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