Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lovemyjob, lovemyjob, lovemyjob

Last weekend started off as a date with my favorite wee 10 year old.  The date was a football game at BC place under the dome.

Due to some very fortunate circumstances via my friend Cammie who supplied the tickets, we had excellent seats in the lower bowl - about 10 rows up from the field.  This was so much cooler than my ticket plan - nose bleed section where the air is rarified. I was a lucky gal last weekend.  In addition to my wee man date, I had an even weee-er man come along with Cammie and I.  My cousin's 5 year old joined us.

As we walked to the train to make our way to the stadium, I happened to overhear the following conversation:

5yr old:  "You said your Nanna spoils you with candy"
10yr old:  "She does but you can't ask"
5yr old:  "well, how does she know then?"
10yr old:  "She just does"
5yr old;  "well, I hope she knows soon"

We were making our way into the stadium but before we could proceed I had to turn over my backpack for the standard search as you are not allowed to bring in food or drink.  They happened to find my bag of plums, chips and my water bottle.

Guard: "You are not allowed to take this stuff in so please either eat it prior to entering or throw it away."
Me:  "My grandson has severe food allergies and cannot eat anything that is not properly vetted." (X wanted to know what kind of allergies he has)
Guard: "Oh, alright then.  Since they are children, I will let it go"

After 3 hours of fun which included taking out a loan for hotdogs and sodas, one child throwing up, playtime in the men's room with it's giant pee station, we made our way home with a quick stop for ice cream.  I returned the children the next day tired, cranky and hopped up on donuts.

I had to get back home in time to pack for a whirlwind trip to Toronto and Saskatoon.  During my ride to the airport I was regaled with tales from the proud parent of superstars.  His happiness was however, short lived.  After passing over my credit card I started to get out and grab my luggage when I heard a very stern "please remain in your seat.  Your card is not working and I will require you to pay your bill before leaving or I will drive you to our office for payment."  "Huh?"  "Please try it again and if you pass me the machine, I can see what's going on."  "That is not our policy ma'am".  "Of course it is.  You need to pass it to me so I can add a tip."  "yes, but that is for tips only.  You do not need to see anything else."  "You can kiss that tip good-bye right about now."  A bit more war of words, my card finally worked, he saw no tip and I recieved no help with my luggage.

Security was a bit of a breeze - more so than normally.  Only a pat down this time.  They didn't even search my briefcase or check my laptop for explosives.  Nice. 

After what was a 16 hour day in my head office, I had the hotel give me a wake up call for 4am so that I could be at the airport for my 6am flight to Saskatoon.  That made is 1am BC time.  I sat in the same row as a very cranky baby who also did not want to be up and on a crowded airplane that early in the morning.  She let everyone know her unhappiness for the next 3 1/2 hrs.  Nice.

I worked in meetings all day until I had to leave for the airport again at approximately 5:30pm.  They pushed my flight back.  Of course they did.  I was tired and covered in airport goo and my flight was late.  I had dinner in the only spot open, Tim Horton's, while balancing my laptop on my lap when I was accosted by company.

A very drunk woman sat down beside me and started to talk.  It was irrelevant to her that I was working and eating.  I heard all about her trip from Vancouver with her ex and her ex sister-in-law - all the way to some little town in northern Saskatchewan.  They had a fight.  They dropped her at the airport.  Her friend gave her $400 for the trip home.  She was in the bar.  She met a man.  He lives in Kelowna.  She is going to Kamloops next week to meet him (did not bother to correct her).  Who knows, he could be her next husband.  That would be number 4.

When I finally got on the plane at 8:45pm, it was to enjoy the comfort of having a small child kick the back of my seat for 2 1/2hrs because his grandfather tickled him ALL THE WAY HOME!  Only 1 bathroom worked.

Crawled through the front door somewhere around 11:30.  Up early and off to work.  Went to back out of my parking spot but something wasn't right.  I happened to notice my rear view mirror, instead of it's usual spot on the windshielf, was on the passenger seat beside me.  Hmmm, not right.

After work, the following conversation took place:

Me:  "so, Kris, what happened to the rear view mirror?"
Him:  " why are you asking me?"
Me:  " I have been away and you had the car and last time I drove the mirror wasn't resting on the front seat"
Him: " maybe it was tired from just hanging around all the time and wanted to sit down"
Me:  "what happened?"
Him: "have no idea.  It was sitting there when I got in"
Me:  "It just fell off?"
Him:  "Probably"

I will have to check with father, but I think Kris also used to tell teachers that the dog ate his homework.

I am off to Prince George and the Okanagan in the coming couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed, all goes well.

I am hoping to take a wee holiday somewhere in August as well and take the wee ones over to see Great Grandad and GG.

Stay tuned!

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