Monday, June 10, 2013

Since returning from paradise

It has been wackadoo.  I dream of getting back on that boat and floating away.

My toe was mostly healed by the time Mother's day rolled around - my personal favorite day of the year.  However, I will forever be fighting the urge to constantly turn right for the rest of my life.  It healed but it is still bent at an unnatural angle.  Kinda gross actually.

I spent a rather perfect Mother's Day with my oldest child and my favorite wee people.  We visited my cousin's nursery where the kids picked out vegetables for the garden and flowers for me courtesy of a very generous cousin - thanks again Rob.  The day was topped off by dinner at Ricky's.  The food was not a factor as the company was what counted. 

Stepping on a nail while taking out the garbage was of course another highlight and topped off a morning that already saw me getting burned by my curling iron.  I had to rush from the garbage - as well as possible with a very distinctive limp, to the airport for a quick trip to Kelowna.  Did you know that I have to be at the airport on time but the plane does not?  What's up with that?  Also, at 7am on a Monday, everyone and their dog is at the airport all trying to get through security at the same time but the security officer's all seem to be on break until 7:30am.

 At 7:30am, they break formation around the coffee urn and rush over to  pull me out of line so they can test my laptop for explosives, feel up my pant-legs (ha! - serves them right that I forgot to shave my legs), inside my waistband and my collar in an effort to show that they are not racial profiling the middle aged white woman.  I felt truly loved as I limped away holding my shoes in my effort to get to my plane before it left without me.  It hadn't arrived yet.  I ate a donut.  That waistband is going to feel tighter next time.

My 4th grandchild was born on May 14th.  He came home last weekend.  He is perfect.  I expect no less.  His name is Austin Charles.  I am calling him Charlie.  My child hates that.  She should really know better than to let me know when something bothers her.  I have no choice now but to continue calling him Charlie, Charlie Brown, Chuck, Chucky get the idea.  I now have a matched set - 2 of each with the boys being the book-ends.

Another quick trip to Alberta.  Plane and I were both on time.  Foot was still sore and had become infected.  I was reminded I needed a tetanus shot before I get lock-jaw.  A family member said if I got lock-jaw it would be harder for them to marry me off so I better do something about it.  Nice.  Other than the limp, very little happened this trip.  I was a little surprised.

I had a rather severe craving for something sweet Friday night so decided to take a walk to the corner store just a couple blocks away.  I was enjoying an ice cream cone while slowly strolling home when out of nowhere - wham!  I got run over by a bicyclist.   Lost my cone and everything.  All he did was lean over to stick his hand out and haul me to my feet.  I was stunned for a moment and not sure whether or not I was angrier over the lost ice cream or the fact that for no reason at all, I got run over by a bike.  I was on the sidewalk.  After I shook it off I was pissed.  I am afraid I let loose with language that would make a truck driver blush (no offence to the truckers).  All he did was laugh.  Of course this made me want to eat nails and spit them back at him as tacks. 

I am off on 3 trips - off to Vernon this week, Calgary next and Winnipeg the following week.  Here's hoping it is a boring three weeks.  Stay tuned - if this decade is anything to go by, this may not be as boring as one would want.


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