Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Learned a valuable lesson

Well, I returned safe and sound from another week long trek across the country.  It took me 2 days to warm up from my time in the prairies. 

Toronto was wierdly warm.  Winnipeg was cold and snowy.  Regina was cold, clear and snowy.  I was cold, cranky & freezing with a perpetually runny nose.  When I arrived at each of my meetings I was met with scorn and derision as I shivered through each one.  It turns out it was not even the cold season yet and I was what they considered a wuss.  Is it really my fault that I have become aclimatized to the wet and rain of the west coast?  I do not even own winter boots or coat.  However, I have three trench coats and enough umbrellas to cover my entire family.

I considered this trip a success.  Aside from the standard searches in the airports, I made every flight - and they were on time.  The only issue came on my flight from Toronto to Winnipeg.

First let me say that I do accept full responsiblity for what happened.  This is where I learned my lesson.  Keep my mouth shut.

I made my way to my seat on the plane and found myself sitting next to a Rabbi.  He was in the middle seat and I had the window.  He asked me to trade places.  I said no as this was my only flight with a window seat and I wanted to be in it.  This started the discussion.  I cannot prove that the next 2 hours was a result of my refusal to change seats but I have my suspicions.

Was I aware of how the Jews were treated during world war 2?  Did I know that the oil that burned for 8 days came about just because the original oil was unclean?  Do I know what the 7 sins are?  Do I understand what it means to live Kosher?  Do I pray on a regular basis?  Do I go to church?  It went on for quite sometime with me just smiling and nodding.  Round about when he began on the promised land and what is happening in the middle east, I think I snapped.  I said "isn't it so sad that the number one cause of death on the planet happens to be religion? "

Picture a 60ish full orthodox Rabbi pulling out a prayer robe and his prayer book and go all red in the face before turning to me and exclaiming "Surely you are not accusing my people of causing the misfortune of everyone on the planet due to our religion! Because let me tell you young lady (liked that part) we have faced persecution throughout history and survived."  On the upside, I finally got to put my earphones on and watch a little TV but not before the flight attendent asked if either of us wanted to change seats.   OY Vey!
I really did not mean to start a religious battle in row 13, seat F.  I just made a little comment.

It took me 2 days to warm up and refresh from an exhausting trip but I was good as gold by Sunday so I headed out to meet a friend I had not seen in a long time so that we could enjoy a nice long lunch. Back to the office on Monday to try to cram in everything I had to do before taking time for a wee break.

I am now officially off on holiday until next Wednesday.  I am going to do Black Friday again this year.  I have my hotel in Burlington reserved and plan to arrive mid afternoon on Thursday.  I have a map of a nearby outlet mall, printed off some coupons and will be ready to go by 10pm that night when they open.  The following night I will be back at the Silver Reef.  I plan on spending my birthday on Saturday enjoying a full body massage and facial (assuming of course I did no blow everything on Friday).  I will return home Saturday night in time to order in a birthday dinner of chinese food which, if my brother behaves and does not mention my age, I shall share with him.  I had also planned on purchasing one cupcake and putting a candle in it while singing happy birthday to me but decided that was rather pathetic.  Instead I am going to order a whole cake.

I will then take a couple of extra days off to recover from I hope will be a whopper of a black friday blow-out.  I will keep you posted on what happens.

By the way, in case anyone was wondering what happened to my coffee date a few weeks back.......it never happened.  He cancelled.  This was not my fault.  He "apparently" got into a car accident.  Still not my fault.

Stay tuned.  I will keep you posted as to what happens on my wee holiday

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