Monday, September 3, 2012

My cousin was right

I messed up my Karma by stating that the band Trooper was looking kinda old.  I spent Friday night at the PNE to watch Trooper.  I had a great time with plenty of flashbacks (or maybe hot flashes, hard to say).  The music was fabulous but I noticed that while I felt very much like the 17 year old that loved them, they kinda reminded me of my granddad.  I made mention of it on facebook and was warned I had messed with my Karma by my cousin Tracy.  She was right.

Ten minutes left in the rental of my electric bike on the last day of my vacation and without warning it happened.  A fence jumped out in front of me cutting me off and causing me to crash with a 140 pound bike landing on top of me.  I tore up my shin, took paint off the fence and think I may have broken my baby finger.  However, the white carpi pants I happened to be wearing stayed perfectly clean.  My bike friend, Cammie, was somewhat amazed that my pants stayed white and that crap really does just happen to me.

I bravely got back on the bike and we headed back to home base.  After dropping Cammie off at home, I limped into the house to tell my tale of woe to my brother.  I told it much better and I was a hero in the tale where I swerved out of the way of a small kitten thereby hitting the fence in my effort to protect her and her brothers. 

Not sure he actually bought it after my spazz out and threats to kick his cat off the roof for crapping on my bed again this weekend.  However, that is irrelevant.  I am sticking to it and no one can actually prove me wrong as my biking partner was behind me and could not actually see what happened until I fell.

As penance for my heroic tale, I sat down to ice my leg and watch Eat, Pray Love.  I have to say, I wasn't really looking forward to it but decided to check it out as a number of people said it was worth watching.  The caveat being "for someone like you".  Never quite knew how to take that - until now.

Don't get me wrong, I feel truly blessed.  I have an incredible family, wonderful friends and happy and healthy children and grandchildren.  However, I do feel like I am searching for something.  I have no idea what it might be but I am feeling like I have this hole that needs to be filled with something.  Might need pie.  I have a confused mind.  All I really know is that I do not want to arrive at the pearly gates and find myself pleading with St. Peter for just 10 more minutes at my desk so I can finish that last report.

My plan to begin the fall is to do polar opposites and see which way my brain tugs me.  I am going to sign up for Yoga and Salsa.  By combining the slow and meditative with the fast and loose, perhaps my mind will pick a direction for me to seek out in my search.  For the life of me, I really have no idea what is missing but I do aim to find out.  I wonder if I will know it when I see it or if, like the bike crash, I won't even recognize a fence when I see it and will crash and burn.  (by the way, will not be wearing a dress or shaving my legs anytime soon - the gash is black and blue and growing).

Maybe I need to get married again - no wait, I just bought new towels and bedding so that's out.  Isn't that the only reason to get married - new sheets and towels?  Maybe I need to travel half-way around the world and eat my way across Europe and then while I am there, I can solve the Euro crisis.  Nah, sounds too much like work.  Maybe what I really need is to chuck it all in and move to some cheap carribbean island and braid peoples hair for the rest of my life.  While I can certainly live without doing the hair bit, I actually think the rest of it sounds mighty appealing. 

Well, only hours remain in my all too brief holiday.  My plan was to start the fall with a scrubbed house, clean clothes and shaved legs.  However, my leg is sore, swollen and bruised so that actually gets me out of everything.  Besides, summer still has a couple of weeks left.  I will do it next weekend and wear pants for a couple of weeks.  Who am I trying to impress anyway?

Stay tuned.  I head to Ottawa on the 15th.  Perhaps I will find that missing piece in the parliment buildings.  Perhaps I am destined to run this country one day.  Can't be any worse than those who came before and certainly better than good old Stephen.  Who, by the way, wouldn't take an appointment with me.  I tried.  I figured since I would be there anyway, what was the worse that could happen?  All he could do would be to say no.  You don't get if you don't ask right?  Wonder what the penalty is for storming the halls of parliment univited?  We might just find out.  Perhaps I should give a heads up that I might need bail money.

Stay tuned.

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