Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exhausting weekend

And now my butt hurts.

It was a busy weekend.  However, it was punctuated with a bit of "hurry up and wait".

Early Saturday morning - 8am to be exact - (which is an ungodly hour on a Saturday) found me behind the steering wheel of my friend Heather's car as we barrelled down the freeway to the border with her mother whose freshly printed passport was just itching to be utilized.  Record time was made in our efforts to beat the rush to the cheap milk on the other side.

That was a pipe dream.  After racing to the border we sat in the line up for about 2 1/2 hours.  The signs on the highway specifically said  50 minutes approximate wait time.  IT WAS A BALD FACED LIE!!!! 

After inching our way through to the surly border guard, we raced to the nearest Burger King in order to a) let Holly's bladder have some respite and b) feed Heather whose "I am starving to death" were heard for the preceeding 30 minutes from the back seat.  After scarfing down burgers, we made our way to Bellis Fair mall for some shopping.  Nothing to really write home about.  No real sales.  It is a mall just like any other (until Black Friday - then it is a zoo).  However, I did make a couple of purchases - cheap Polysporin, a paperback and two sweaters (2 for $24).  The sweaters are where it got interesting. 

I made my purchases and was provided with a bag and off I went to continue along the mall in search of deals.  After about 30 minutes, I decided it was a little cool and so I would wear the white sweater.  As I took it out of the bag, price tag still entact, I noticed that there was blue ink on the bottom.  Off I headed back to the store to exchange it.  Holy Schnikies!  This broad would never make it as a Canadian.  I almost blew a gasket. 

Me:  " As you recall, I purchased this sweater about 30 minutes ago.  I just took it out of the bag to wear and noticed this ink.  I would like to exchange it please."  (I was very polite as any good Canadian is)

Saleswoman:  "How do I know you did not do this yourself?  This is not something we would do"

Me:  "What?  Why on earth would I put ink on a sweater that I am about to wear?  I never took it out of the bag until just now.  I do not even have a pen with me."

Salesclerk:  "Well, we did not do it so it must have been you when you left the store"

Me:  "Are you freaking serious?  Are you saying you are not exchanging my sweater?  Because if that is the case, I will just call Mastercard right now and cancel the sale and tell them you stole my card."

Salesbroad:  "Smirk"

Me:  "You think I am kidding?  I am about to get real loud here, so your choice.  I am not asking for my $12 back - just an exchange.  What the hell is wrong with you?"

I got my sweater.  Surprisingly, as mad as I was, I actually felt better than I had all day.  The wait at the border had made me slightly cranky and I had not yelled at anyone is a very long time. 

After a quick shop at Trader Joes for cheap cheese and milk, we headed back to the border and home.  It had been a long day but we made it through the border in about an hour after professionally smuggling our goods across.  Having an 86 year old woman in the car seems to make smuggling easier :)  Might use her again.

Sunday found my friend Cammie and I renting some electric bicycles.  That was so much fun!  They top out at about 30km an hour.  For about 2 1/2hrs we whipped around Kitsilano and the westend having the best time.  I really want one of these.  However, after almost 2 hours my battery started to die and I had to assist with peddling to get back to base and a new battery.  Once recharged, we spent the next half hour racing at top speed up and down alleys.  Did I mention I really want one of these things?

I have attached a couple of pictures.  They are really cool.

I am off as of noon on Friday for some R&R until September 3rd.  My plans are to go Go-Karting with brother and sister-in-law and grandkids on Saturday, PNE on Sunday with kids and then Monday-Wednesday a wee spa vaca across the line before returning home to lay on the couch for the remaining 5 days.  Should be fun.

Stay tuned

Cammie learns the kickstand

Barely reaches the ground

Poster child who needs a girdle

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