Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do I look like I would know this stuff?

Well, it has certainly been an eventful time of late.

Last week I left work and stopped at the grocery store on the way home.    I was in the pharmacy department picking up some Aspirin (due to my many many tech headaches) and as I walked down the aisle on my way out I was stopped by a fella of about 45 years of age.  I did not pay any attention to what products he was standing in front of.  He stopped me and asked if I could help him out.  I was about to mention that I did not work there when he jumped right in and asked if I could tell him which product was the best to buy.  He then moved aside and and pointed to the product shelf.  "Which is the best for me to buy.  what works best?" he asked.  I found myself staring at a display of condoms.  What on earth made him stop me to ask that question?  What is it about me that makes him think I would have any idea?  Was I wearing my trollop clothes?  Did I have floosy tattooed on my forehead?  A friend of mine said I should have pointed him to the smallest ones and make reference that size doesn't matter.  However, I wasn't thinking that fast as I was mostly stunned, so what actually came out was "how the hell would I know?  I've never bought a condom in my life."  I almost ran down the aisle and out of the store.  Not too swift.  I really hate that it made me embarrassed.

In the 10 weeks or so that I have been in my new position, I feel like I have been run a little ragged, so I am looking forward to a couple of days off to celebrate my 39th birthday.  I am a very lucky woman.  I have been blessed with a most wonderful family a girl can have- parents, kids, grandkids, brothers,  aunts, uncles and cousins - all of them. I have also been blessed with the best friends money can buy :).  Most of my friends live out in the valley where you need a passport to visit or at least 4 hours away in Kamloops where in addition to the passport, I also need a visitors visa.

Well, due to my momentous birthday, I have had the pleasure of having some of these friends taking the time to visit with me.  Last Friday I spent 4 hours sitting in White Spot just eating and talking.  The following day, my friend in Kamloops came all the way to spend an afternoon with me as a surprise.  My daughter helped arrange it.  It was a wonderful surprise.  And today, I spent the entire afternoon with another friend who took the time to get her passport out and hop on the train to come all the way into the city to visit and have lunch as we wandered the city.  Aside from the obvious, what these wonderful women all have in common is the ease and comfort of a perfect friendship.  We may not see one another as often as we would like, but when we do, we can slip right into a conversation like it was left off yesterday.  I don't have many friends but these woman I have chosen carefully for their compassion, caring, truthfulness and trust.  They have been my friends rangings from 20 to 43 years.  A hole would be left if they were not there.   It has been a wonderful birthday celebration. 

I have to admit, I could get used to my birthday celebrations lasting a week.  I have been invited by my grandchildren to dinner on Thursday.  My favorite wee man says he is making me dinner.  I understand my Dad and my step-mother will also be making the trip on the ferry to come spend time with me.  How great is that?  My head is swelling.  Although I am not looking forward to the fact that I will soon get the seniors discount, I am loving the birthday attention.  I have been told to pack a bathing suit, a dress and my passport.  Wonder if I am going to the valley?

After my birthday, I am heading on  a hop-scotching trip across the county culminating in Toronto.  I will be back just in time to partake in my annual Santa Claus parade event with the grandkids.  It has become a tradition that started when my wee man was just 2 years old.  I am not exactly sure who enjoys it more.  We bundle up in blankets and picnic on Tim Horton's while we await the big man.  It is the beginning of the season for me.  We put up my tree and once again attempt a gingerbread house - which never works but makes for great fun.  I have yet to figure out how to make it stand upright.  I even buy the kit that comes with a stand and it still falls over.  I think it would throw a wrench into the tradition if it didn't fall down.

Anyway, must dash so will update after the birthday and the cross country trip.

Stay tuned

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  1. you continue to amaze me with your talent . Keep on writing you have a gift. Speaking of gifts, no need to watch the mail on my account .. Much love AD