Friday, June 29, 2012

Yet another road trip......

I have yet to have a work related (or any other for that matter it seems) road trip that goes off without a hitch.  This past week's trip was no exception.

I picked up my rental car on the weekend and headed north to Sun Peaks resort just outside of Kamloops.  It was a beautiful drive.  I had satellite radio tuned to "XM Blue Collar radio", the sun roof open and was bombing up the highway.  I was feeling good and literally laughing out loud to some of the comedians. 

I pulled off in Kamloops to enjoy having lunch with my oldest friend in the world (wait a minute, that sounds odd - she is not the oldest friend in the world, although she is 4 months older than me, what I meant was that we have been friends for the longest time - 44years to be exact).  It was a short visit but we hatched a brilliant plan to ensure my eldest child would want to bite the head off a kitten.

There is a chocolate shop at Sun Peaks called Rocky Mountain Chocolates.  They make candy apples the size of a child's head - covered in caramel, gummy worms, marshmellows, peanuts, M&M's and the like.  She was springing for the apples and I would drop them off on my way home on Wednesday evening.  I was sure I would arrive right about bedtime.  I would present the children with their gifts and leave just as their little heads start to spin right off their shoulders.  Wonder if my child will forget mother's day again????

After lunch I headed further north to the resort and checked in.  To fast forward, all was going as it should until the 'team building' the following afternoon.  Everyone was to break into groups to enjoy one of 4 activities.  Staff (me) were to split up to ensure that we were well represented on each activity.  I was part of an old time gold rush that had us dressing in period costume and trekking across the countryside and up the side of a mountain completing tasks along the way.  The mosiquitos made meals of us all.  I also discovered what short legs I have compared to everyone else. We were split into teams of 4 and headed out like we were extra's in "Paint Your Wagon".  I have attached a couple of pictures for your amusement.  The first two are of my team.   The third is of me eating at the western BBQ afterwards.  I almost pulled a muscle in my leg when I heard there was BBQ lobster.  I had to do a very quick about face from the pulled pork in order to take advantage of my favorite food on the planet.

I will fast forward again and just say that Tuesday's seminars all went as they should.  Wednesday started off nice and normal and my first presentation went off without too much of a problem (always one heckler in the crowd).  My phone rang.  We took a break and I went to the lobby to answer it. 

AVIS - "Hello Ms. Millar, this is Teresa from AVIS rental car.  I am afraid I have some rather disturbing news for you.  Chevy has recalled your car.  You are not to drive it. However, we have made arrangements for you to take your car and pick up an exchange car at the airport in Kelowna (anyone see a problem with this statement?)"

Holly - "wait a second.  What map are you looking at?  Kelowna is 3 hours from here.  Can I not turn it in in Kamloops?  Wait another second - do you not see a problem with your statement about not driving it but you want me to drive it to Kelowna?  And third second, what are we talking about here?  Will the bumper collapse?  Will the muffler fall off?  If that is the case, I really don't care.  I will just throw the muffler in the trunk and carry on."

AVIS - "well, Ms. Millar, I do understand your dilema.  I will see what I can do.  It seems the recall is concerning the engine.  It might sieze up on you and you will lose control of the car.  I will call you back."

I wemt back inside after collecting my thoughts concerning my insurance policy and the employment hiring practises of AVIS.  I completed my second presentation to the rapt attention of those people who happened to overhear bits and pieces of my recent conversation.  Turns out they thought I was going to kick the small dog crossing the lobby by the look on my face.

AVIS - "Thank you for taking my call Ms. Millar.  We have made arrangements for you since you really should not be driving the car.  We are sending a tow truck with a new car, from our Kelowna office.  He will drop the new one off for you and tow the other one back to Kelowna.  It should be there between 6 - 7pm tonight."

Holly - "well, I appreciate your efforts.  However, when we spoke at 10am, I told you that I would be finished my business and heading home to Vancouver by 3:30pm.  Will you be sprining for my dinner and blood pressure medication while I wait?"

AVIS - "thanks for your business.  We look forward to serving you again"

Well, you can see what happened.  I was unable to pull off my plan of feeding copious amounts of candy and chocolate to my grandchildren right at bedtime and watch my daughter bite the head off her cat.  Very disappointing to say the least.

When my new car finally arrived at about 6:15pm, I was able to hit the road in a brand spanking new Sonata.  Wow, that thing is sure nice to drive.  Hugs the curves and has a very smooth ride.  I got home shortly before midnight.  Just in time to have a quick shower, throw my suitcase on the floor and get into bed so that I could get up at 5:30 as I was supposed to attend a breakfast meeting.  I awoke at 7am.  I can no longer function on 4 hours sleep.

Well, that was my road trip.  I am now searching for a new hairdresser.  The last new one I went to last month just simply will not do.

HD - "Hello Miss.  I am _________.  I am very happy to meet you.  How do you want your hair?"

ME - " thank you - trim this, snip that, you know, just cut it please.  I will tell you when to stop."  (You would think that was the problem right? - wrong)

HD - "Please sit.  So, tell me, are you enjoying retirement or are you still working?"

ME - "WTFRACK??????????"

HD - "So tell me about your family"..... (5 minutes later) - REALLY????? Your father is still alive???

OMG - How old do I really look?  So, as you can see, I have good cause to search out my new stylist.

Well, off to enjoy the long weekend - Happy Canada Day ya'll

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