Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Proof of a Tech Underground

I happen to have proof now that there is an underground tech consipracy against me personally. 

At my previous employment I was the brunt of too many to count tech issues.  In my almost 6 years at the firm I was the proud owner of 5 differnet laptops.  Each time I had issues they would send me a "new" one.  This was usually a laptop that was already on its last legs but they would manage to hobble it together and with I am sure were snide giggles amongst themselves decide to send it to me to see how long it would take before I lost my mind.  In one case, I had been having more problems than I could even keep track of and was on the phone daily with the IT department begging for a new computer so I could function.  I was told to just keep 'rebooting' as "it still has plenty of life left."  I did this for a few weeks when one day, I smelled smoke and then saw the sparks and my laptop screen suddenly became the blue screen of death.  I called the IT department and told them of the problem.  They suggested I just let it cool off and try again.  I tried to explain to the little pisher, "it is on fire.  I am pretty sure waiting for it to cool down will have no affect."  The kid wanted to know if I was sure.  I said "the fire is kind of a moot point now.  I threw it in the sik with lots of cold water so as to ensure that the entire office did not go up in flames and then I took it down to the garbage incinerator.  Please send me a new laptop."

Well, in the 10 minutes that I have been with my new firm I have spent 9 of those minutes dealing with the new IT department.  Nothing is working.  I started to do some digging to ensure that none of the former employer's IT techs were now employed with my new employer.  They are not here.  This leads me to believe that there is an underground network working surreptiously to get at me specifically.  I am not paranoid - I have been tested.  I now have proof that they are in business just to make me lose my mind.  Well, I won't let them.  I have decided to fight back.  Everytime I recieved a call today that required me to access any technology, I gave the person calling the phone number of the tech department with the direct line to the last Bozo I dealt with.  I will continue this until they fix my problems - all my problems.  This includes my problems with Telus, my landlord, my children and my oven (which a story in of itself).

Not much else exciting at the moment since I am no longer downtown.  With the exception of this afternoon.  I was looking out my window which overlooks highway 1 at Willingdon and Canada Way.  Out of nowhere this woman jumped from the bushes from the highway side.  At the same time a silver Toyota pulled into the cul-de-sac in front of the office.  She ran toward it and grabbed the back door and tried to open it.  The car took off with a squeal of the tires and pulled to the sidewalk about 100 meters away.  She hurried to the car and again tried to open the back door.  It was obviously not opening.  She then appeared to speak to the passenger in the front seat while trying to open the door.  The next thing I knew she started to swing her bag in the car and kick the side door.  The car sped away.  My guess is the poor woman was short changed on her transaction in the bushes.  But that is just me - not paranoid, just nosey.

Stay tuned for more

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